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The best kept secret in music


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- Register Morality EP (2005)

- Escape (Mar, 2006) - "Escape", "Darkness Breaks" released as singles

- Escape Re-Release (Sep 2006) - "Escape", "Darkness Breaks" released as singles and added to MySpace for streaming media play. "Footsteps" added to MySpace for streaming media play.

- UPCOMING: The Fear Lies Within (2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Lonliness, depression, loss of hope, these are problems everyone deals with, whatever your personal beliefs. If these struggles wear you down suicide is a way out a lot of people contemplate." - Alex Furst

On "The Fear Lies Within", the upcoming album from rising rockers Register Morality, the band explores the dark and serious issue of suicide. On top of being RM's first concept album, "The Fear Lies Within", is a drastic change from the music on the band's last album, "Escape". While Register Morality has always focused on issues such as conformity, lonliness, and depression, they have yet to touch on suicide. And unlike other bands which may write a song or two on the subject, RM devotes an entire CD to the matter, an album that is filled with darkly poetic lyrics, crushing guitars, thunderous bass, searing screams, and soaring vocals.

"The Fear Lies Within" is also a break from the norm for RM stylistically. Past albums have featured songs that solidly land in the genres of punk, pop, screamo, and modern rock, but rather than wandering around searching for a sound, Register Morality returns with a tightly focused release filled with music that can only be described as rock. But this is not to say that every track on "The Fear Lies Within" sounds similar, because that couldn't be further from the truth. With influences ranging from Sepultura and Pantera to Thrice and Papa Roach to Killswitch Engage and Avenged Sevenfold, "The Fear Lies Within" is a rock album through and through that delivers diversity of music mixed with moving lyrics.

Its an album to satisfy your need for need for good music without having to listen to yet another endless blathering CD about relationships or politics. "The Fear Lies Within", it might just change the way you think about the phenomenon that outnumbers murder by 3 to 2. So follow one girl's struggle with depression, anxiety, lonliness, hopelessness, and ultimately, suicide. Her journey from the depths of despair into something far better is what RM's newest work is all about- that even in the midst of your lowest lows, there is a shred of hope to cling to if you look hard enough.

"The name of our new album refers to the area of life that is the unknown, things that others don’t know about us and what we don’t know about ourselves. It is literally the area of life that drives our fears, the part where we don’t know what is going to happen to us, the turmoil of life where we don’t know what is fake or what is real; we don’t know what to believe in. From here our fears are born into reality, thus creating conflict with others and within ourselves that can ultimately bring depression." - Kenny Hummler