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Regret Night

Thornton, Colorado, United States

Thornton, Colorado, United States
Band Pop Rock


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"Regret Night...Perhaps not if you hire this band to play your prom"

You know those scenes in all those classic '80s movies like Pretty In Pink or Better Off Dead, where some nameless outfit performs at a school dance while the young protagonists work out whatever assorted teen angst they happen to be grappling with at the time? As we remember it, our prom was exactly like that, only substitute the high school gymnasium for a shoddy ballroom at a Holiday Inn in the 'burbs and the nameless band for a faceless DJ playing the worst parade of crappy songs imaginable. Just utter pablum. Well, fortunately for newer generations, the options these days are far less vomit-inducing. In what might just be the smartest marketing ploy we've heard of yet, a group of bright young upstarts called Regret Night are making their services available for entertainment at this year's prom. And just like Josie Cotton in Valley Girl during the Reagan era, Regret Night is the sound of now, the most perfect not-ready-for-primetime soundtrack imaginable. - Westword

"Regret Night Sunday at Warped Tour"

Warped Tour is here. It's so close that we're seeing traveling local artists tweet their hometown whereabouts and even popping their heads in quietly to their favorite wind-down spots for some much needed rest. It is, after all, one of the most relentless tours out there with little to no downtime for bands and road crew alike. While that continues, however, some bands here in Colorado have been spastically checking e-mails on the daily to see if they will be playing this Sunday at Invesco Field at Mile High. Not so for Regret Night, who's known since early June that it would be a throwing down on the Kevin Says stage at Warped. Since then the members have persistently been dishing out online requests to those who wish to help them promote their time slot and even tossing in a web-based contests for a few coveted tickets to the show. Regret Night has a catchy, if not addicting way to captivate audiences on and off stage and relies more on musical vigor to win over fans. After the jump, we've made the act's single "She Said," from the EP Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads, available for free download as a way to kick start your heat-stroked weekend. Enjoy!

*Warning: Download "She Said" at your own peril. We assume no responsibility and are in no way liable for this earworm. In other words, if this song gets unrelentingly and irreversibly embedded in your consciousness, you've been warned. Just saying. - Westword

"Regret Night Only if You Miss Out On Them"

Few bands in the local music scene ever make a splash. But that's not the case for Denver-based band Regret Night, who are performing cannonballs and blowing most bands out of the water with their fresh sound of honest, synthesizer-induced pop/rock.

The five-piece band from the Greater Metro Area shows that Colorado has more than just a knack for producing piano-based rock bands -- it can produce bands with the guts to try a sound that many view as a carbon-copy. But in all reality, Regret Night emanates a sound of its own.

Vocalist/bassist Nick Sanders sirens a cross between a classic rock singer and a modern day pop star that would make most singers this side of the century eat their hearts out.

Guitarists Tasos Hernandez and Matt Sanders bring all the appeal of a modern-day pop band with more sophisticated and unique application in the instrumental department.

Bands learn very early in their career that without a solid drummer they don't get very far. Fortunately, Nick Kemberling gives the band a solid backbone. Kemberling provides all the necessary basic beats for the band with fills straight from the Travis Barker songbook.

Synth player Dennis Hernandez, whose creativity is showcased throughout their latest EP, proves that he doesn't get lucky just playing the right notes; he has the talent on the keys in order to truly play.

The four song EP beckons label reps for recognition.

"She Said," perhaps the most appealing song on the EP, shows why Regret Night has earned the sizeable following they have with guitar riffs that accentuate Sanders' voice and a piano fill that stays in the ears like a Top 40 catch.

"I'm Alright," the slowest song on the EP, doesn't lose any momentum, as it is filled with perfect harmonies and swelling emotion, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the song and literally live what the band is trying to portray.

Playing a Hot Topic tour, Regret Night inches its way to prominence. But it's only a matter of time before a map will be the only accurate way to measure where this band is going.

Staff writer Ian Mahan can be reached at - The Rocky Mountain Collegian

"Regret Night"

Although whiny vocals aren't everyone's cup of tea, band's that can harmonize and accommodate them with great instrumentals and good lyrics have some major talent. As a band that began growing it's roots back in high school, Regret Night has the mainstream scene in sight and a fan base that kicks a lot of local artists asses.Their shows are alive and fun, which makes the experience worth standing in a crowd with crap loads of teenage girls.

Nick S., the vocalist who obviously idols New Found Glory's sound, also plays bass as he breaks down lyrics for the audience, so we can forgive him for his little less than perfect vocals. On guitar, we have two talented musicians, Tasos (also on vocals) and Matt, who bring that extra POW! to the instrumentals. Playing keyboard, there's Dennis, the crazy haired, tall dude, who regardless of having an instrument that's not easily moved, dances around the stage with the grace of forest nymph. Lastly, we've got Nick K. on drums, who brings it all together in what we know as one of Denver's favorite pop punk/alternative bands.

Any one of their songs could easily pass as the next big hit on the radio, and I can only hope that getting them on the radio, where many of our now famous local artists started, will be easy for them.

I definitely recommend checking out one of their shows... If nothing else, you'll be amused by all their crazy antics on stage. To hear some music, download some tunes, or to see some more pictures, feel free to check out their Myspace page Remember to check out calendar for dates, times and locations on their shows! - The Blendd E-Zine


-Living The Night Life EP 2010
-Acoustic Odyssey Acoustic EP 2009
-"She Said" Single 2009 (Radio play on Channel 93.3)
-Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads EP 2008



Regret Night: A term used when a foreseeable complication may arise in the nightly events. User of the phrase is safe from ridicule and punishment the next day, provided that each member of the entourage has clearly heard the expression before any entanglements develop. More defined, Regret Night is a heavily influenced post-punk outfit that jolts out synth-laden dance tracks and powerfully captivates the audience. While the term, named from the band who created it, implies a menacing morning, laced with fogged remembrances of the night previous, the group who call themselves that are far beyond a nightly anguish. Formed by schoolmates, chance encounters and misread want-ads, Regret Night has skillfully paved their way into the Denver music market, becoming one of the more sought after groups to perform around the city with the best local Denver acts and visiting nationals. Their high powered energy more than translates on stage. All five members of the band reveal strongly their musical personalities during each song, yet work together to form a unity on stage that leaves a lasting effect on the audience. Their first independently released EP Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads, has proven to be an instant hit with all demographics. With addictive songs like “She Said” and “Want You Bad” in their set list arsenal, Regret Night will create an atmosphere at each show that crowds feel comfortable with participating in; and they do. B.A. Frederick, contributing writer to the Colorado Music Buzz and Westword Backbeat has said that, “Regret Night is one of the more promising acts in Colorado and have a real opportunity to become a ‘next big thing,’ from this state.” Not only etching their way into the Denver industry, Regret Night has also recently performed at the Van’s Warped Tour, has done a series of acoustic sets in area Hot Topics and has shared the stage with The Ataris, Breathe Carolina, Forgive Durden, The Maine and others. With a unbridled passion for music and showmanship, these five young Colorado musicians have only the future to look forward to and will continue to showcase their talents and unforgettable music to no end.

Shared The Stage with:
-The Maine
-Breathe Carolina
-Tickle Me Pink
-This Providence
-The Ataris
-Houston Calls
-Fight Fair
-Broadway Calls
-School Boy Humor
-Forgive Durden
-This Century
-The Swellers
-Call The Cops
-Northern Way (formerly Set Forth)
-Electric Valentine
-The Leftovers
-Barely Blind

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