The Regs

The Regs

 Miami, Florida, USA



The Regs
Are a Miami based four piece band who have been playing together for over 10 years..and were one of the last bands to play the Orange Bowl Stadium.. It was the chance meeting of singer Little John and guitarist Scott Migone that would make something more than just music, this meeting would bring the dirt back to the South Florida rock scene..

The Players are:
Scott Migone/Guitar: Playing and writting music for over 20 years, Scott has always been the behind the scenes driving force in the areas of studio recording and the song-writing discipline. His modesty and experience allow for others to be creative in order to create the best music possible from the band.

Dirty Myke/Bass Guitar His influences ranging from Alice in Chains to the mighty power-house band Tesla allows for a very diverse sense of sound. Dedication to the art, and stage presence, commanding his bass guitar to leaving nothing short of what The Regs as a whole demands. Thick, meaty and best of all dirty!

Little John/Voices Born in California but raised in Alaska Little John began his music career in the Karaoke bars in South Florida where he learned to comand the stage and crowd. Voices, voices, with guitars and more voices. The two are truly great as individuals but together Little John and Scott have written some quality tunes, worthy of a good listen. A classic combination would be the only way to describe the working relationship of these two artists.
"I understand the importance of simplicity and learned it from my own heroes like Kurt Cobain and Scott Weiland".

Jaime Vila/Drummer A New York native with Latino blood in his viens, this drummer, percussionist with a complimenting voice to back up Little John’s vocals is the body and heartbeat of the band. Jaime could tell by the vibe of the music being written, that a simple rock and roll style drum formula would be the only way to keep this music timeless as not to be able to label the music as "Grunge", or "Heavy Metal". He says, “this is rock and roll, so lets keep it simple and driven"

Who are the Regs and what do they want? In their own words,”we are the neighborhood band thats going to be looking back at you from the cover of a Rolling Stone magazine”.

contact : Little John
PO Box 371702
Key largo Fl, 33037

phone # 305-479-4603
email :


We have released 2 original music cds, the first under the name of Philth and Is self tittled;
The second cd is by the Regs and is also self tittled..

Set List


60's, 70's, 80's Classic Rock, Heavy Rock,
Southern Rock, METAL, Glam Metal,
Thrash Metal, Grunge Metal, Country,
& Alternative ROCK

and a little country thrown in for good measure...
Charlie Daniels (Scotty Went Down to Georgia)
Johnny Cash, and Billy Ray (Cyrus)


but not limited to:

3 Doors Down Kryptonite
Lenny Kravits I Wanna Fly Away
7 Mary 3 Cumbersdome
Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama
Aerosmith Sweet Emotion
Lynyrd Skynyrd Saturday Night Special
Beatles Money (Thats What I Want)
Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimmie 3 Steps
Beatles Something
Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird
Black Sabbath Iron Man
Nirvana All Apologies