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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Band Pop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Milwaukee Scene Rants"

...I heard a new voice. It was soothing, sensual and melodic. It is the voice of Milwaukee’s Rehyn. Singer, songwriter, pianist, storyteller… this girl’s got it all. With a soulful style and good pop sensibility, Rehyn shows the kind of promise that was seen in acts like Jewel and a young Sarah McLaughlin. The McLaughlin reference is especially noteworthy. Her ability to take seemingly simple piano arrangements and complicate them nicely without any clutter is encouraging. Her debut ep “A Time to Fly” on Funtup Productions oozes with radio ready tracks.

Link: - Lane Klozier, Maximum Ink Music Magazine

"Review: Rehyn - A Time To Fly"

"...a fresh and daring voice and poetic style that’s unconventional in pop music. With a positive life outlook that shines through her songs, Rehyn is a musical dreamer who inspires listeners to reach beyond their own existences." - Wildy's World

"Opening for SAOSIN, main stage, The Rave! "

Hola all you beautiful people (that would be all of you!),

It has been a SUPER busy past couple of weeks. First of all, I will soon be heading back into the studio to begin work on an LP. I am so very pumped about this and I will be working with a very talented producer here in Milwaukee. I love working in the studio so, yay!

Secondly, this past Saturday I played in a competition for the Pac Sun Tour which included eight VERY talented bands from the Midwest region. We were competing for the chance to open the Milwaukee stop of the Pac Sun Tour featuring Saosin, POS and Eye Alaska at The Rave. I was the only singer-songwriter in the competition and to my amazement and delighted surprise-- I won ! I guess just a chic and her piano can do big things, huh? So on Wed, November 18th, come see me open on the main stage at The Rave if you are able!! See my schedule for more details or go to

Thank you all who continue to listen and support, God Bless you all

rehyn - Rehyn

"Turning Heads..."

Funtup has been working closely with a local musician called Rehyn. She has made believers out of us and we have decided to sponsor her music career. We'll be releasing her new music video early this summer. Check out her website or her Myspace. - Funtup Productions, Inc.

"Taxi CD Review"

An arresting CD cover is always a good start : ) And the best news is that Rehyn's voice matches her beautiful face!! It's also a simple, tasteful production... would likely fall with such artists such as Fiest, Regina Specktor, Lily Allen, etc. - Craig Streaman

"For Rehyn, now is 'A Time to Fly'"

Dave Tianen interviews Rehyn Q&A style.

Link: - Dave Tianen - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Interview with Rehyn"

Piewatch - How are you today Rehyn?

Fantastic, Chipper… (But not annoyingly so)

Piewatch - You have already presented yourself to the world with your EP Time To Fly which generated good feedback and also secured you a chance to be financed on Slicethepie (all rather quickly), did you expect all this from it, or more/less?

I recorded the EP a little over a year ago now. It was my first attempt ever at recording something I had created myself and I really did not know what would happen. I have been seriously pursuing a musical career (for lack of a better term), about as long now and it has been an amazing adventure so far.....

Link: - Alnilam - Piewatch

"Rehyn, A Time to Fly"

It would be too easy to compare Milwaukee's Rehyn to Carole King in her Tapestry prime. Considering her age, however, it's fair to believe that Rehyn's softly sung vocals with piano were influenced by contemporaries such as Vanessa Carlton. On her debut EP, Rehyn plumbs some philosophical depths, appears a tad emotionally masochistic and-no surprise-sounds like she's loved and lost... - Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express


Rehyn's EP, "A Time To Fly," is soft and smooth. As you listen to each track you start to feel as though a warm blanket has been wrapped around you and a light rain is pouring outside your window. Rehyn's music has a strong sincere feel and her voice is one that is rare and lovely... the EP is one that many should listen to and will enjoy. Her style is comforting and melancholy. Each song tells a story, and the piano draws you in until you feel connected to that story. The favorite on this EP is the final track, "Questions." The chorus hooks the listener and one finds themselves singing along by the end. highly recommends everyone to listen to this talented upcoming sing-songwirter. We look forward to hearing more! Thank you Rehyn! - Tim Staump

"MTV, Oxygen and E! DEAL!! "


Been meaning to fill you guys in on this for a few weeks now, but thanks to some hard work as of late and your support I have landed a licensing deal with MTV networks, Oxygen and E!

Stay may be hearing some of my tunes on shows like The Real World and Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the coming show seasons.

On another note, I am excited to be singing in the New Year at John Harbors in Menomenee Falls tonight. It is a free show for anyone who has yet to make some last minute plans for this evening!!!!

Much love and a Happy New Year to you all,

Rehyn - Rehyn


A Time to Fly - EP (2008)
01. Fortune's Fool
02. Wonderful Way
03. This Morning
04. Walls
05. Questions



Rehyn (Ren), is a fresh voice in the sea of singer/songwriters. Young and inspired, Rehyn's compositions represent a unique balance between a timeless lyrically driven base and a simple yet soulful mix of piano. Rehyn's debut EP, A Time To Fly (2008), represents just a tiny slice of her musical range. A poetic lyrical storyteller with a voice to match, Rehyn seamlessly blends the facets of soul and pop, and will draw you in with her words. Rehyn is certainly an up-and-coming act you will want to watch out for! Coming to a town near you soon.

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