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""Bright Fading Star will be in my top ten list for the year."

"Bright Fading Star"
Artist: Reid Maclean
Label: Independent
Tracks: 11

Once upon a time there was an amazing group that went by the name "Spinoza". The band was made up of two primary songwriters named Reid Maclean and Lee Kizer the Third. The band split their time between New York City and Boston with both cities claiming them as their own. They released three wonderful albums filled with great music before parting ways. Fast forward a number of years and Reid Maclean has released his first solo project entitled "Bright Fading Star" and oh what a release it is.

Following in the footsteps of his former venture this album is full of the quality music that listeners have come to expect from this talented young songwriter. Catchy tunes, a great vocal presence and highly intelligent lyrics are all a standard of the Maclean catalogue. Along for the ride this time are former "Spinoza" partner Lee Kizer as well as Colin McGrath and Rachel Taylor of the Boston based band "Maeve" among others. The album was produced by William Berlind for C-Side Productions and mixed at the "Magic Shop" by Brian Thorn.

Some of the best songs on the album are "Keep It To Yourself","Ne'er Do-Well" and "Love Is An Ocean" featuring Rachel Taylor on backing vocals. Actually that is somewhat of a misnomer because there are no bad songs on this album. A release with no filler, what a concept! Unless something really amazing comes along within the next few months rest assured that "Bright Fading Star" will be in my topten list of albums for the year. Check out more information at

Chris Macintosh aka Grandfather Rock
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- Grandfather Rock


Bright Fading Star - Reid Maclean
The Inevitable Movement Onward - Spinoza
Groove Like Corduroy - Spinoza
Spinach - Spinoza



Reid Maclean’s newest release, ‘Bright Fading Star’, is a remarkable album in its rich & dynamic texture as well as its fluency in inhabiting a variety of styles. The personality of the album remains constant while the backdrop shifts from acoustic pop to Celtic ballad to Jazz standard to Nashville country rock. The result is a truly expressive and lush recording with surprising moments that will continue to reveal themselves long after the first listen.

Bright Fading Star was recorded in NYC with the help of Reid’s lifelong cohorts Will Berlind (producer, keyboards) and Colin Mcgrath (multi instrumentalist). The three met in first grade and have been influencing, cavorting & collaborating ever since.

The cast of characters on the album includes Rob Moose (Sufjan Stevens, Antony & the Johnsons), Marco Pasnascia (Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove), Dana Lyn (Susan McKeown, Rice Paddies), Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan, Lenny Kravitz) as well as members of Reid’s former band ‘Spinoza’ Lee Kizer, Paul Phillips, Kieran Kelly & Stein Malvey.

Reid’s musical education began at church where he was a member of the choir from the age of 3 ‘til 20. At the same time he was performing on and off Broadway in shows ranging from the Sound of Music (national tour) to ‘The Knife’ opposite Mandy Patinkin at the Public in NYC; a musical chronicling the life of a man who decides to have a sex change. In college Reid continued his musical studies culminating with a year and a half stay in India studying the Sitar.

Reid spent the better part of the 90's playing in NYC & around the East coast with Spinoza in a gold van carpeted on the interior, thus earning the name 'fuzzy nugget". Spinoza released 3 albums in 8 years and has very little recollection of what happened in between. Much of the band is now married, some have procreated, others divorced, and it is through this haze of life that Reid has reemerged into the lime light as a solo artist.

With the release of ‘Bright Fading Star’ Reid is touring again. He most recently finished a three-week tour of the East coast with Colin McGrath and Larry Gallagher. 'The Three Headed Dog’ was a rousing success and ended up being a foot stomping affair as the trio made their way from backyard BBQ to rooftop cocktail party to ocean front house concert serenade.

Reid is currently planning a CD release party at NYC premier acoustic venue The Living Room. Stay tuned for more info.