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The best kept secret in music


"Have a happy electronic christmas"

He writes his own songs and mixes some 1980's guitars with U2, the chemical brothers and others to create original, electronic new wave music that's melodic and beautiful.

Electronic musician Reid_> is hosting a holiday party with Bahbiss cobb on Friday, Dec 17, at The Detroiter Bar in Greektown. Christmas lights, Christmas cookies and Reid’s electronic new wave songs should create an interesting atmosphere in the sports tavern that serves beers, gyros and burgers.

Bahbiss Cobb is a musical project created by metro Detroiter Eric Curry. The style is drum and bass, ambient, nice grooves and melodies.

Reid, who goes by Reid_> online, has been an active Detroit musician for 15 years. A few years ago, he was bass player for the now defunct electronic-punk band Love Hammer – once rated one of the 100 best unsigned bands in the nation by Musician magazine. Today he flies solo, writing songs that are well-received by fans.
“I got tired of being in bands that were always breaking up, but I still wanted to make music,” Reid said. “But playing with a band was really fun.”

Don’t mistake him for an electronic DJ. While those mixing masters generate sounds for the dance floor, Reid can do that, too, but he’d rather create songs.
“I’m more interested in songwriting than just mixing other people’s music for the dance floor.” Reid said. “It’s music to listen to.”
His music has multiple layers and is well-produced.

In 2000, his sing Wide Awake Fast Asleep went No.3 on’s popular electronic list.

He also produced the hit single Me, Myself and…by Swedish pop star Peggen. The song was made for the movie Baldarar. Reid also played bass for Peggen’s Midwest tour.

The Detroiter Ban on Beaubien Street at the edge of Greektown is casual with a mixed crowd. Hockey fans, club-goers and laid-back regulars help create the felling that everyone is welcome there..and everyone is.

The show is at 10p.m. Friday, Dec. 17th, at the Detroiter Bar, 655 Beaubien, Detroit. Admission is free with a canned good donation. For more information, visit www. or call (313)963-3355.
- Observer/eccentric newspapers.

"Carbon Lounge Offers Audio-Visual Feast"

Electronic music with a danceable rock edge, artistic imagery, heavy percussion, dance floor, sofas and an ultra-hip, laid- back and friendly atmosphere with a well- stocked bar. Is it enough to intrigue?

There’s a lot happening for a $5 cover charge at the Carbon Lounge in Hamtramck on Saturday, May 21. Headlining that night is electro musicians Reidnoise where founder Reid will play his songs with studio drummer Duane Huff known for his work with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Mary Jay Blige and locally with Robb Roy. Adding to the ambiance, video jockey Julie Meitz will bring her creative imagery for visual effect. “I wanted more than just good tunes,” Reid said. “With electro music, and all music, it should be entertaining to watch and to hear, so we created an audio-visual experience.”

Earlier that evening, INS (Infinite Number of Sounds) of Cleveland will per- form. The collective group of artists, musi- cians and writers mix music and noise samples also with video imagery to create sometimes dreamy, sometimes heart- pounding sounds. “There will be so much talent that night,” Reid said.

New to electro? Don’t worry about feel- ing like an outsider. Reid said electro music has come full circle since its popu- larity growth and everyone is welcome. “Electronic was popular in the late ’90s, then we had the surge of garage that kind of took its place. Now people are coming out to shows again. The audience is people 18 and 19 and also in their 30s. It’s come full circle, it’s really great,” Reid said.

Reid writes his own songs and mixes ’80s tunes from bands like U2 or new wave artists for his electro sound.

Carbon Lounge, originally known for hosting house music, is making a deeper mark in the Detroit-area club scene as now both musicians and DJs entertain here. Punks, casual passers-by, creative Hamtramck locals and others blend nice- ly in the unpretentious atmosphere. - Filter-Lana Mini Observer/Eccentric Newspapers


Streaming tracks can be found at

LP's include "electric karma music" and "sing along acid test".

Ep's include " the fantastic flying daydream machine" and "ride the magic dragon".


Feeling a bit camera shy


Detroit is a cold, dirty, unforgiving ghost town amid a segregated, sprawling, suburban metropolis on
life support. Life in this area of America offers a unique challenge. This hardly sounds like a
compliment yet it breeds a populace of determined, creative individuals who feel they have something to prove to the world. This can best be exemplified in the artwork and music detroit can proudly claim to have been the mother of invention to. This will to thrive can be heard and felt in Reidnoise's unique blend of Electronica, Rock, New wave, hip hop and techno. Some have deemed it Rocktronica others as Stadium-sized neo-psychadelia. Whatever it may be it sounds huge and hip. The music is an overwhelming soundwave fueled by melodies and beats. The sheer melodic originality twists the fabric of the electro genre into something new.

Despite the adversities of poverty and health, Reid from Reidnoise has risen up to become the premiere
Rocktronica act in Detroit. He is joined by pro drummer Duane Huff and VJCA (VJ=video Jockey). Together they have performed in an around detroit attracting a great following and leaving others stunned. Duane has worked with such acts as the Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre. and Snoop Dogg. VJCA has held residencies at the Necto in Ann Arbor and the State Theatre in Detroit. Reidnoise sets themselves apart from the pack by the excellent songwriting, great performance and the artistic, entertaining live mixed projected video.

The new c.d. due in Septmember is Reidnoise's best work yet. The title will be " A Subtle Defiance".
When listened closely one can hear the beginnings of a rebelious theme to the music that will set the
tone and direction for future work.

Lana Mini of the Observer/Eccentric newspapers describes it as "electronic new wave music that is
melodic and beautiful". The beats are funky, the bass is groovy and the loops are trippy, creating a
retro-organic sound new to electronic music.

Reidnoise's varying influences range from such artists as the Chemical Brothers, Beck, the Beatles, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Massive Attack and Dr. Dre.

According to the Internet Underground, Reidnoise's latest release "Electric Karma Music" is
"An excellent CD full of multiple textures and tones, clever song writing and a masterful job of
recording, producing and musicianship." John Pruett of LISTEN.COM describes the music as "Seemingly inspired by Macphisto era U2 as well as newer Drum 'n' Bass records, Reidnoise recreates a fluid mix, tracks attempt a marriage of stadium sized neo-psychadelia with processed break-beats."

The single "Thank you, goodbye" was voted number one on's electronic genre and featured on the front page of receiving more than three thousand downloads.Reidnoise is currently being featured in the Journey into Trance podcasts and at the Midpoint Music Festival.

The single "Wide Awake Fast Asleep" from "Sing Along Acid Test" went to number three on's experimental genre. Soon thereafter Reid began contributing his talents to Swedish pop star Peggen's Midwest tour, performing at notorious venues such as "The Magic Bag", "The Emerald Ballroom" and "The Magic Stick" in Detroit. Based on this work, he was asked to produce a song for the Swedish movie Baldarar's soundtrack.

Reid is a veteran of the Detroit music scene and can be seen and heard performing regularly around the metro Detroit area.

Reid is currently busy booking shows and mixing and mastering his new c.d.