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My music is innovative and progressive. I write my own raps and produce my own beats. I have hot up-tempo beats and rhythmic melodies. I am the epitome of versatility and I can create any genre of music and rap over slow beats, fast beats, no beat. I have the total package; I am a one-man band.


I have been an artist/producer for 12 years. At age of 20 I joined the group RAWWDEAL Entertainment and produced beats and rapped with D Black, Killer Q, Disco G, Lil Dame and the late Mr. Money Bags. As time went on we did venues at the Caribbean in Milwaukee, WI. We opened for the Big Tymers and Lil Wayne. During the summer of 2003 after a week long trip to Los Angles, CA we landed a 20 minute spot on a Comcast closed-circuit cable TV show called the NONAME SHOW. I live in Minneapolis, MN away from the group and as a result I had to do my own thing. Currently, I'm working on my own production company, Prosperity Records.

My music is influenced by the greats Duke Ellington, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Andrew 3000 and Gorilla Zoe to name a few.

The thing that sets me apart from other artist is my versatility. I am willing to collaborate with artist from other genres of music. I make music from my heart and rap about things I have passion for.


Compilation MILTOWN HUSTLAZ 2003 (vocals & intrumentals)
feat. on Rawwdeal's second album Rawwdeal for Life 2007
feat. on Dyslo's first solo album FOE 2004
Life After RAWW 2009

Set List

Song 1 Stay on the Block approx. 5 min
Song 2 Till I Die approx. 5 min
I do covers alone or with my group. We do two up-tempo songs to get the crowd jumpin. and I usually have a hype man with me.