We are the children of Rise Against and Story of the Year


Mainstream rock/metal group “REIGNFALL” is tearing it’s way onto the music scene at a whirlwind pace. Based out of small town Mitchell Ontario, group members; Dustin Smith (18), Jesse Smith (16), Adam Boersen (19), Marshall McIver (18) and Adam Jordan (16) formed in late December of 2009. Already this new group on the scene has won a favorite band of the year and London’s “Forest city battle of the bands”. REIGNFALL’s music presents catchy hooks from within a structure that departs from a predictable formula that is common in mainstream rock. We present a mainly rock feel, riddled with metal-influenced punches that is meant to stir and revive the audience.


Everchanging E.P 2010

Set List

Tonight We Stand
Letting Go
As I Backdown
Bring The TIde
Wings of this Angel