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the Reign Kings


Moody and melodic, the Reign Kings have come into their own with their debut CD "Bloom". Featuring lush harmonies, rousing sing-along choruses and rich with hooks, the Reign Kings are one polished pop rock quintet drawing comparisons to U2, Coldplay, and the Cars.


the Reign Kings have created their own style of edgy pop that is moody, modern, and driven. Their unique rock style has been drawing crowds for over three years, and continues to attract fans as the Reign Kings buzz continues to grow. Perhaps their success can be attributed to the feel-good hooks or the band's energetic and polished live show. Opening for major national acts at large venues, and carrying their own local bills, the Reign Kings have become a key force in the Arizona music scene. With airplay on KZON (the number one alternative rock station in the region), a large following, and a stunning debut album, the Reign Kings are poised to break onto the national music scene.


She Likes to Crash

Written By: Scott Briggs, Jim Hornaday, Robert Weingartz

She doesn't mean to mess up
but everything she touches
seems to break

All the promises made
have come undone
so far away now
gone away now

She likes to crash
she likes to burn
a lesson she won't ever learn

She likes to crash
and burn
and she don't know
don't know
don't know
which way to turn

Shooting angel
Fallen star
you lost your luster
don't know how wonderful you are.

Now it's clear
so far away now
gone away


She believes when Push comes to shove
it's time to kick,
and it's best swept under the rug
until it gets pulled back
pulled back
pulled back
uh huh

Maybe a little self absorbed
and too much honesty leaves her bored
but her intentions are always good
and it's understood



Bloom - Full Length LP

She Likes to Crash - Radio Play Single
After All this Time - Radio Play Single

She Like to Crash, Anyway, Counting Sundays - Streaming Online,

Set List

Average Setlist length 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Very versitile setlist, advance notice on time slot and the band can construct a setlist around it.

Traditional Covers include - Drive by The Cars, One by U2, I Got You by Split Enz.