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This band has not uploaded any videos




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2007 Growing Pains
SINGLE: Adding Up The Profit



Intellectual and socially conscious, these two well mannered young men are not your typical Rap artists. A duo that met in the desert of Temecula at their local Merin High School, Reign Major originally began as CSP, a group of seven young prospects. But the group slowly drifted apart leaving two of its members hungry for success. The Ying and Yang of music hail from different back grounds with parallel sounds and lyrics. Reign “like a king” and Major “like always being the topic of discussion”, Crunch and K.O combine for talent, drive, and a higher level of communication.

Crunch, originally from New Jersey with his laid back style, worked his way through his senior year of high school, working 12 hour shifts inspiring his partner. His journey began as a hard worker and will continue with his drive and passion for making music and allowing people to hear his story. Crunch says, “I want to pave the way for people to strive for positive ways of making money.” With that in mind, the young hopeful possesses skill, energy, and flows like water in a river. He is calm, Jay Z like, and shows wisdom-like manners. Crunch wants his audience to understand him with one symbolic line and then he moves on quickly to a second thought, keeping them intrigued. He is charming but when he voice hits the mic he becomes hypnotic, instantaneously putting his audience in a trance.

Youthful, animated, K.O.’s name hails from a battle won at Mad Heaven studios in Los Angeles. He possesses energy that balances out his counterparts mellow manners. K.O has an internal drive deriving from the absence of a father and a mother who struggled to make sure he was properly cared for. He originally envisioned himself being a professional football player. But this college drop out, is not your stereo-typical African American male that the media portrays. He has not been to jail, nor is he in a gang. Instead of taking on the typical title of “hustler”, he prefers to be a hustler of lyrics and music. More importantly, he is fueled by the art of displaying his abilities while performing on stage. His admiration of his counterpart offers a friendly competition that only makes them both strive to be better. His voice is energetic, poignant, & demonstrative. His stage presence draws you in making you want to understand his every word while leaving you desiring more.

Reign Major is a combination of two voices that are meant to be heard as one. Not wanting to be limited to the label “street corner rappers”, Reign Major combines its intellect and experiences to form a unique transformation of music. Its dynamic lyrics and inflecting voices, present a cliché for music.