reign of fire

reign of fire


From fast heavy riffs to hard pounding drums, Reign Of Fire takes you back to the sounds of old skool, thrashy,fast heavy sounds of bands like sepultura , metallica, testament, forbidden. Catching your attention as we bring back that style with a slighty modern twist and great energetic live show.


well to start we all had or have different bands in the past but weve been friends for a pretty long time and decided to come together and bring some speed thrash for those who think they've lost hope,with fast heavy riffs,clear vocals, and hard pounding drums Reign Of Fire takes you back to the thrashy days,with influneces like forbidden,testament,slayer,old metallica,death angel, and sum sepultura sounds, as well as a great energetic live performace that always gets the crowd pumped pumped up and wild that in '07 at schooners Antelope Valleys battle of the bands we were disqualafied for getting the crowd to "crazy" so if your looking to have a great time at show youll definately wanna see us ,we bring you the sound that many of you had thought was gone so get ready to hear the fast heavy sound of Reign Of fire and perpare yourself cause you will get burned ! ! !

Our Jango airplay link


1st demo in 2006 which got and still gets radio airplay at 100.1 the edge
3.End Of Tme

2nd demo 2009
1.Reign Of Fire
3.The suffering
4.Your End

Set List

Usually our set runs from 25 mins-40 mins and our set list changes from show to show but here is a set list with songs we'll usually play
3.end of time
4.darkness and destroy-metallica cover
6reign of fire