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Extended plays
Psycho Intentions E.P March 2011

Studio Albums
Untitled Album 2011 (not yet released)

Music Videos
"Psycho Intentions" 2010 - currently on rotation on SCUZZ TV UK.



Reign of Fury are a thrash metal band from the UK who are based predominantly in the South West and Midlands areas of the country. Their signature sound is a blend of 80s thrash metal, nwobhm as well as drawing various influences from other styles of metal and punk.

The members are an amalgamation of friends that have met over the past 15 years on the UK punk and metal scene. Reign of Fury was formed to celebrate the types of music that provided the most significant influences to the members, throughout their lives.

Early Years
The original idea for Reign of Fury was born out of a guitar shop in Cheltenham where the lead guitarist, Ed Fury, was working in 2006. He had known drummer, Magic Dave, for many years, having supported his previous punk band 4 ft Fingers at various gigs. After numerous discussions about forming a metal band, the original line up finally came together with jav from Spunge on bass, Magic Dave on drums, Ed Fury and Iceman Mark Burzum on guitar and Anj on vocals. Originally called Reign of Terror, they changed the name to Reign of Fury quite early on. They practised together for a short time before disbanding.

Two years later Ed Fury and Magic Dave decided that they wanted to form a band together again, at which point Jon Priestly, who had been a temporary member of 4 ft Fingers with Magic Dave, joined them in what was then a punk band known as Ransom. After numerous rehearsals together, the riffs being written seemed to be heading in a far more metal direction and all being huge metal fans themselves, Ransom soon changed into Reign of Fury, a thrash metal band which took influence from many of the 80s thrash metal bands that had inspired the members in their youth.
After about 6 months together, Heavy Matt Earl, who was also a huge metal fan, joined them on bass, having already been in another band, Screamin 88s with Magic Dave for a while. The band continued to write music, lead predominantly by Ed Fury on lead guitar, but were still lacking a vocalist. They tried out 5 or 6 singers, desperate to find somebody with the right vocal style for their sound, until eventually, in late 2009, Jon Priestly called upon friend Bison Wrathbone (Matt steed) who was at that time playing bass for hardcore band Section 13. Jon and Bison had worked together for many years in punk band Gash and experimental band Black Flame Dispute. After hearing what the band had to offer, Bison did some sample vocals over a few of the demo tracks that Reign of Fury had recorded. The band finally clicked as a unit and spent the next six months establishing their signature sound.

This band was formed purely with one aim:To get out there and bring the real Metal back into peoples lives.
With thunderous Drums,memorable riffs,guitar hero solos,gut wrenching Bass lines and classic to be Melody lines,how could Reign of Fury fail!!!
Have a listen and make up your own mind.