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Reign of Terror

Norcross, Georgia, United States

Norcross, Georgia, United States
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"Reign of Terror: No One is Safe"

Reign of Terror: No One Is Safe
This is a crew I have been following for several years, watching their songs from 1988 evolve with more sophisticated production and mixing and absolutely tripping of Legendary's super-precise rap style.

About two years ago there was a small attempt in the hip-hop community to bring about a "horrorcore" subgenre where horror movies would be inspiration for the lyrics and music. However, this is a genre the underground group Reign of Terror can claim to have pioneered. The crisp drums, pulsing basslines, and horror movie samples are only the beginning of this aural terror — Legendary's lyrics are intense and, at times, frightening.

A long-time favorite of mine has been "Who's the Master" (can anyone besides our assistant the editor and our Police Beat man identify the main sample?). Legendary pours horror titles into line after line (14 movies in 8 lines) to create an image of his own lyrical styles:

The Silence of the Lambs will occur
In the form of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A Close Encounters of the Third Kind amplified
I be the Alien and the Omen and multiplied
My flow's a Rocky Horror Creepshow, Serpent and the Rainbow
Psycho, a deadlier version of Cujo
I flow discrete,
Imagine Halloween Friday the 13th Fright Night on Elm Street.

A nice addition to this overall eerie and disturbing release is "Ecstasy Bound," previously titled "Earth Bound." This track is an ode to the art of making love like no others before it. Secretive, seductive music glides over the beats, interspersed with samples of lustful moaning and orgasmic screams. However, Legendary does not use phone-sex language to get his point across. Instead he uses tasteful, but passionate metaphors that make this an emotional and sexual song that touches the senses: "I'll have your physical temple quivering / Slivering and shivering for the gentle force I'm delivering. / Your body's calling for this / to be kissed, to experience bliss in a sensuous abyss."

I'm more than happy to see these kids and Martay have finally had the opportunity to put together a professional looking package. While their sound isn't for fans of Miami Bass (though they're from the Jacksonville, FL area), it certainly provides for so mething different.
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"Reign of Terror: Mic Device EP Review"

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Reign of Terror/Martay
Mic Device EP

More hard-driving rhythms and classic old school sound from the most un-stereotypical crew in the Dirty South.

Reign of Terror/Martay: Mic Device EP

From the first time I heard Martay on the East Coast Tribe's 33 1/3: The First Day of School EP I knew I was hearing a voice that wasn't going to disappear anytime soon. And when Martay introduced me to Reign of Terror's demos from 1988, I realized that so-called "horrorcore" didn't start with cheeseball groups like the Flatlinerz or with Wu-Tang spin-offs the Gravediggaz. Producer Rhythmlord had some of the fiercest beats I had ever heard, and Legendary's delivery was way ahead of its time.

Fast-forward to 1999: Rhythmlord's moved, former ECTer B-Right has pretty much stopped writing, and Transcribe... actually, I'm not sure where Transcribe is. But, Martay the Hip-Hop Wiz and Legendary are still alive and kicking in Atlanta, putting out two 12"s in this year on ROTc Records.

While the first was relatively strong, it was apparent that a few years had gone by since the boys had been in the studio. Nevertheless, they clearly left their calling card for the industry with intentions of returning soon. This time around, about a pregnancy period later, Legendary and Martay have released some of the best material of their careers.

Side A starts off with the Legendary/Martay collaboration, "Mic Device." Produced by Legendary, this one will appeal to those that dug the underappreciated Divine Styler comeback earlier this year. Intense, driving beats combined with Legendary's furious delivery make this a killer way to close out the year. The second cut on the first side is "99 and Beyond," another Legendary gem making wonderful use of classical music as samples.

The flipside has a new solo Martay cut in the same vein as some of his cuts from the last few years: a current sound with obvious old school inspiration (Martay's "true school" style, as he calls it). "Back to Schoolhouse" is a memorable look back at Martay's history and come-up. It's followed by another Legendary track, "Soul Force," whose beat isn't as remarkable as the A-side, but the vocal samples of L.L. Cool J and Grand Daddy I.U. should please turntablists with doubles of this record.

It's great to see these guys back in the mix, and though my review may not be as objective as someone who hasn't worked with them before or followed them as long, I tend to feel more critical of their music since I expect a lot from them. They've certainly delivered this time, and I can't wait to check out their next single.

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"Reign of Terror "I Write Rhymes" b/w "Soul Force""

Artist: Reign of Terror
Title: I Write Rhymes b/w Soul Force
Label: ROTc Records

Hardcore madness manifested on wax describes this crew best. Their frontman and producer of these two songs goes by the handle "Legendary" and it's not unmerited - his voice has a dark ominous quality that could even make Sticky Fingaz act like a shook one. The clever LL Cool J sample on "Soul Force" will give a smile to old school heads, and the heavy groove of the track will make new jacks nod THEIR heads. This is a good start for Reign of Terror in '99; so here's hoping they follow-up with a full length later this year.



No One is Safe (1997)
Who’s the Master? EP (1999)
Martay’s Groundview EP (2000)
Mic Device EP (2002)
Zero Tolerance (2007)

Laze's Best of Posse Cuts (2001)
East Coast Tribe's First Day of School (1999)

Music appears in film 'Return of the Jackalope' (2007)
Music appears in the film 'Just Asking For It' (2005)



Informally organized in 1988, Reign of Terror consists of Eddie "Legendary" Singleton A.K.A. The Mouth of Madness - Lead lyricist/producer; Martin "Martay, the Hip-Hop Wiz" Kelley - Lyricist/producer, and newest member (circa 2000) David "DJ Dainja" Matthews - DJ/producer. They are still assisted, mixed and mastered, by original Reign of Terror producer/musician Samuel Rhythmlord Abrahamsen.

These collective souls united to manifest thought provoking originality into the realm of Hip-Hop. They plan to establish longevity and enlighten the masses while destroying non-creative elements who oppose their Reign.

Reign of Terror has spanned many years of Hip-Hop history, touring with the likes of Ice T and Rob Base as well as releasing several underground records through the years. No One is Safe (1997), Who’s the Master? EP (1999), Martay’s "Groundview" EP (2000) and Mic Device EP (2002). Martay also appeared on several compilations during this time from Laze's "Best of Posse Cuts" and East Coast Tribe's "33 1/3: First Day of School". Most recently, Reign of Terror's music has been featured in the film 'Return of the Jackalope' and Martay's solo single, "Lookin Out for the Hard Rocks", appeared in the film 'Just Asking For It'.

The members of R.O.T. continue to work on many projects independently and collectively,but expect to hear from all the members of Reign of Terror for years to come. It all begins again with the release of their latest LP........ "ZERO TOLERANCE" which also features an appearance from ATL's own Mr. Boz (G.Y.O. Studio).

Legendary also works as a screenwriter, film producer, and a music producer for other artists and films. Martay as well works as a screenwriter and filmmaker, in addition to being a magazine editor and music producer for other artists and films. DJ Dainja flexes his skills for ATF recording artist Psyche Origami as well as working in television. Rhythmlord produces music for various artists, and has a burgeoning mixing/mastering career.

Legendary and Martay recently produced a Hip-Hop Documentary called Beatmakers and plan other Hip-Hop related feature films in the future.