We are Reily. We merge folk influences with an indie rock edge to create a sound that is familiar but unconventional, beautiful but unapologetic. We create a sound that Saint Rock and Roll Magazine (Vancouver) calls: "A new kind of sound [which is] really quite delicious."


During Reily’s short existence (just over a year now) they have accomplished more than most local bands aspire to. That is, perhaps, why they are never considered just another local band anymore – two tours of Canada’s west coast, including a tour with Calgary-rockers “Hot Little Rocket” and a stop at Sled Island Music Festival (with Mates of State), as well as one headlining east coast tour. Reily was busy selling out local Toronto venues like The Horseshoe Tavern, The Mod Club and Lee’s Palace – and they decided to hit the road. Now, with a third album already on the way for this fall, labels, managers, venues and booking agents across the country know the name “Reily”.

Reily released an LP in March 2006, then quickly followed it with a critically acclaimed EP titled “we were archaeologists” (see press reviews section). They are now gearing up to release their third album – a second LP expect to drop this October. While they haven’t signed any deals yet, there are several labels interested in putting the release into store shelves. This exciting new release will be accompanied by another national tour in September and October, as well as a full U.S. tour including a stop at polyvinyl’s music festival “Pygmalion Music Festival” in Champaign, IL this September.

Reily continues to work on new music and on enhancing their live show – one which aside from the regular Drums/Bass/Guitar/Keyboard setup they enhance with Banjos, Mandolins, Accordions, Glockenspiels and five singers. The five members of the band have put aside school and work to pursue Reily tours full time.


Drifter! Drifter!

Written By: Megan Bonnell

Drifter! Drifter! Your gonna go away
On a bicycle riding
You were never meant to stay
And a warm wind comes in
And it carries you away
I can hope you will return again someday

These lonely tears are calling me
Tell them you won’t fight - come back to me

I will paint you a picture
Of the war that’s fed on the other side
I will show you my drifter
There’s a chance that we can stay alive

Drifter! Drifter! come ride around with me
On our bicycles riding
It’s the way that it should be
The warm wind comes in
And it carries us away
Up towards the sky
To return again someday

Drifter drifter
You were never here to stay
Drifter drifter
How could you go away

Take Me Home

Written By: Lisa Horvath

Wake up in the night
Floorboards lifted
Was there something to hide?
Carry me, lie me in
Rest me in the place
I keep my secrets in

Take me home
No one will ever know
That the stories told
Are the only truths I’ll ever know

Outside in the night
Take me to the light
Where there’s trees in the yard
That I’m thinking of climbing to the top
And drop, and drop

Take me home
No one will ever know
That the stories told
Are the only truths I’ll ever know

To The Evening

Written By: Megan Bonnell

I give myself
To the evening
Press my body
Against its withering light

But it comes to me
In a quick passing by
Then it quickly gives way
To the night

I will trade anything
This sword and this stone
For your folding star
I will swallow the guilt
That you feel for
Tearing the day and the night apart

Meet me in the field
And if I change my mind
You will find me waiting
Under the street light

If you see my brother
Who is bothersome
But right
He is searing for
The answers
Of the night

If you climb the gate
Please let me know you’re there
Sit beside me for a while
In the night


New album coming this fall! (2007)
We Were Archaeologists - (October 2006 EP) **was in the Canadian College charts for a few months, hitting some as high as #1** CBC airplay
Listen To the rain - (March 2006 LP)

Set List

Anywhere from half hour to three hours.