Reinhold Richards

Reinhold Richards

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Richly textured voices, solid backing guitar, and incisive lyrics make them dynamic performers. Though new to performing together, they share the stage like two old friends, making their audiences feel equally at home. And this makes sense because they each have solid musical careers behind them.


“Reinhold spins exquisite melodies knotted with poetry that casts a spell” -- Sing OUt Magazine

“Nancy Reinhold is the best of the best in writing and singing a love song” -- Patio Records

“There is a purity in Marjorie Richards' voice that reaches into your heart, grabs you and doesn't let go until the last beautiful note has faded. Match that purity with the clarity of her lyrical vision and you have an artist and an album you'll go back to time and time again." -- the Performing Songwriter magazine

Reinhold and Richards write songs full of insightful lyrics and thought-provoking attitudes. Their exquisite vocal harmonizing draws you into their world, exposing everything from the raw funny edges of life to the deepest corners of the heart. It is the combination of their richly textured voices, solid backing guitar, incisive lyrics and ability to make a personal connection with their audience that make them dynamic and accessible performers. Though new to performing together, they share the stage like two old friends, making their audiences feel equally at home. And this makes sense because they each have solid musical careers behind them.

Nancy Reinhold is perhaps most well known as one of Canada's Wyrd Sisters, the thrice Juno (Canada’s Grammy) Award-nominated band she co-founded in 1991in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As the primary songwriter and lead vocalist/guitar player for The Wyrd Sisters, Nancy has performed numerous times at every major Folk Festival in Canada and twice at the Kerrville Folk Festival, one of the oldest and best–known in the US. With the Wyrds, Reinhold has toured down the west coast of the United States and extensively throughout Canada, including appearances with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra London in Ontario.

During Reinhold’s tenure, The Wyrd Sisters were best known for their incisive lyrics and stellar vocals along with their ability to make a strong personal connection with their audiences. As band leader, Nancy was instrumental in creating the atmosphere that encouraged that connection as well as writing many of the bands' most
memorable and touching songs.

In 2003, Nancy's writing was recognized in Country Music Television's Songwriting Contest with an Honorable Mention for her song "Back Into Your Arms".

Nancy left The Wyrd Sisters in January of 2003 to pursue new musical adventures. Ultimately this led to a move to Seattle and a new partnership with award-winning performing-songwriter, Marjorie Richards.

Richards has been a top 10 finalist in the 13 national and local songwriting competitions, including a first place win at Seattle's Lakefolkfest. Her debut CD, entitled, here, was selected by the Performing Songwriter magazine as one of their Top 12 Independent Recordings in 1997. This 13-song disc garnered outstanding reviews and continues to receive consistent airplay from more than 100 radio stations around the country; it has been played on nationally syndicated NPR radio and some AAA stations including Seattle’s KMTT The Mountain.

She has toured up and down the West Coast, performed at the National Women’s Music Festival in Indiana; the Rockrgrrl conference in Seattle; the South Florida Folk Festival; the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Emerging Songwriter showcase in Colorado; as well as at a variety of venues and festivals across the Northwest.



Written By: Marjorie A. Richards

© 2000 Marjorie A. Richards

We lost a wheel, drove off the road we spent the day in Snowville.
Not even Howard Johnson’s open on a Sunday.
We chased the shade, drank lemonade in the parking lot of the Flying J.
The man who was washing dishes revealed an abandoned Chevrolet.
The only auto-part supply on a Utah holy day.
It was full-on mid July And hot as heck

And there was no snow in Snowville, it seemed like false advertising.
And we wondered how it got its name
But wishing for snow in Snowville would be like trying to fix what’s broken
by looking for someone to blame.

We could have saved ourselves the time, bought a brand new car drove the dotted line.
We pull out our lawn chairs, get to know some strangers
We could have been a pile of tin, we were hauling all the way.
We bless the exit we made.

Snow in Snowville, becomes all we ever wanted
And everything thing we never got
Snow in Snowville, is like that ridiculous assumption
that there is someone out there who has everything you want

There are those who’ve made this drive In a covered wagon
mid December, mid July, can you imagine
no one took for granted, everybody would survive.
It’s not how we planned it…

Snow in Snowville, it just doesn’t matter
And it only makes it hotter, wishing it were so.
Snow in Snowville, the elusive perfect moment
as if there really were a moment other than right now

It’s not like we lost a day, we were on vacation
everybody but the driver.
He crawled underneath the truck, cursing the heat and rotten luck,
and in the end he was our savior.

There is no snow in Snowville
as we pull out on the highway.


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