Reject Dolls

Reject Dolls

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This young band are from the famous surf town of Bundoran in Ireland, and they combine the great tradition of Irish rock with the influences of surf rock from the USA. Average age is fifteen and they have already recorded some originals: a band for the future!


Ryan, Conor and Eanna share a common love of skating and surfing; music was the next natural step, and when the boys were just thirteen years old, reject dolls were born. Influences include Blink 182, Chili peppers, Green Day, The Killers, Foo Fighters, All American Rejects, Bowling for Soup. The guys have been gigging for two years now- they have also been shortlisted for TV program 'The Jam'.



Written By: Ryan Hamill

Saturday night, you said I was the one
Tuesday you said it was a bit of fun
Thursday you're kissin' my best friend
If this didn't start how can this be the end

Men get pissed off, it's two black eyes
All is square between us guys
With girls it's smiles and then it's tears
And this could go on for a thousand years

Girls should be a little more like boys
With a little less make-up and a little more noise
Say what you mean and mean what you say
Does this make sense or am I
Just gay

Girls look good and smell good too
But we will never never never understand you
Hot and col, black and white
My girl today, my ex tonight


I will never ever ever undermine you
I will never ever ever underestimate you
I'll never ever ever understand you
All I want to do is undress you



Genesis EP 2006
Internet release 'Confusion' 2006

Set List

Original songs:
Kick It
Blah blah blah
Skate sickness
Dammit Blink 182
Killers When you were young
Kings of Leon Four Kicks
Red hot chilli peppers By the way
Artic Monkeys Bet you look good on the dance floor
Green Day Jesus of Suburbia