Rejection Fetish

Rejection Fetish



From the void obstructing between Milwaukee and Chicago...Racine's Rejection Fetish are a seance of Delta blues, early L.A. hardcore punk and Midwest hardcore, infused with turbo-charged rock-n-roll and groove-infested, dark Sabbath-like undertones. One would call their musical style "Souldead". Likened to many of their forebearers and appealing to the ecclecticity of the underground, "the sisters"are steadily winning converts to their "Deformed Psychotic Unorthodox Church of St. Rejfet" after every show. Tonight the circle is meeting again…who will be the first to fall in trance? Come in....the madness welcomes you!

The new Rejection Fetish album "Dead Psalms" was released in January, 2006 through their own Rejfet Records label. The album will include five new original songs as well as their version of a Neckbones classic. All the artwork included with the disc was done by Rejection Fetish members Josh Hartnett and Brian Karrer. Email the band at to order yourself a copy.

Visit to check out lead singer Josh Hartnett's online tattoo & art gallery. Josh has done unique designs for a variety of bands and record labels over the years. If you're looking for artwork for your next project you can contact him at for further details.


Dead Psalms (Released 2006)