Rejectionist Front

Rejectionist Front

 New York City, New York, USA

An intense, high energy live performance, socially conscious rock band with punk, rap and funk influences.


We reject the status quo and people fronting each other as we take action to build a better future. The band's music plays on commercial and college radio throughout the US.

Rejectionist Front's new CD "Evolve" plays on radio throughout America and includes the MTV music video "Flush" designated as one of the Top Ten Sounds of the Revolution.

The band is honored to have the track "Reclaim" on a benefit CD with Crosby and Nash, Jackson Browne, Patti Smith, Warren Haynes, Tom Morello, Ani DiFranco, Third Eye Blind, MGMT and Our Lady Peace.

Rejectionist Front has shared the stage with Talib Kweli, George Clinton& P-Funk, Tom Morello, Joan Baez, Immortal Technique, Redman and Angelo Moore of Fishbone.

The single from the band's debut CD "Fifty Dollars" played on radio across the US and was mixed by the legendary grammy winner Andy Wallace whose long list of credits includes Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, System of the Down, Linkin Park and Perfect Circle. 

The band's music has been licensed to MTV, E Television, NASCAR, Fox Sports, Netflix, PBS and A&E. 

RF produces and participates in Rock To Save Darfur concert benefits that has helped save thousands of lives and free hundreds of slaves.

The band has performed at many venues in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, including Rock The Vote, USO shows, Wounded Warrior, The Concert Hall, BB King, Webster Hall, Highline Ballroom, Concert For Tibet Festival, Williamsburg Music Festival Brooktober and CBGB. 

Rejectionist Front plays in support of Rock The Vote, Tibet, Free China, Save Darfur, Wounded Warrior, issues affecting the 99%. Rejectionist Front is an intense, high energy, socially conscious band that confronts issues such as economic and social injustice, violence, addiction, genocide and slavery and as we find a way to shape our own destiny. The band's introspective tracks delve into betrayal, abandonment, hope and redemption.

The band's frontman is also an award winning, New York Times Critics Choice filmmaker. His documentary films have been broadcast on television worldwide, selected as an official Artist For Amnesty, screened in more than 2,000 private venues including the US Congress, European Parliament, British Parliament, French Parliament and Google Headquarters and released theatrically across the United States. His films have featured the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Lou Reed and Jeffrey Sachs. 


Fifty Dollars

Written By: Perlman/Berns


Slavery Exits

Genocide in Sudan, Write Your Congressman

Fifty Dollars buys a small black child

Sold on the bank blood feed the Nile

Soldier Attack

Sold her back

Drag her down

Pulled her back

(First Verse)
She was scared living inside

They came on through running for miles

Hooves up high machine gun sound

Mother screamed daughter not found

(Second Verse)
I hear the wind blow through the palms

I think back since shes been gone

Tears in the sand melt in the heat

They cut her down and broke her feet

Carry the sword pray to the east

Brown skin clan takes black man's land


Written By: Perlman


Lookin Faded Then Sedated
Now I rake your face in the stain
Fear and loathing Try to stone me
With the blood of the helpless slain

Say you lonely Try to own me
As I break your faith with the shame
Cloke and Dagger Don’t even matter
Cause I see who lies in the flame

Now we paid it, Plate is weighted
Going right to the preacher’s hand
Can’t divide us, Never hide us
Cause we bring it above the land

Say the answer, beg the question
As you burn with the fated clan
Bow and ate it, then you made it
With the mud of the hell bent man

Try to rape me, then berate me
Gonna break the ball from the chain
See you fallin, Into the morning
Now a light will shine on the frame

Savior What has happened in your name?
Stranger Who are you to cast the blame?
Savior Water will not cleanse my pain
Now I Know your words were all in vain

Free The Son
Time To Run
Seize The Gun
Kingdom Come

All I Am

Written By: Perlman

Hands of Time
Lies our Fate
Fists of Rage
Turn to Hate
Hours Close
Gettin Late
Mind will Find
Heart Can’t Wait

Mothers Cry
Children Scream
Lovers Hide
A Poet’s Dream
River Speaks
All Your Fear
Tell The Truth
In Just One Tear

Saw My Way
In the Tide
Son Unborn
Life Unkind
All I Need
Change Inside
Now I Climb
Learn To Die

All I Am
All I’ll Ever Be
Just a man who can make you believe
Got my hand on the ways and the means
I am the master of my own destiny

Take me back back to the place where I’m from
Before the world came crashing like the falling sun
Take me back back to the way that it was
Before the world came crashing into the the morning
Inside their warning/Cast out the calling/ripped up and crawling


Written By: Perlman/Alves


Call in the note that they can’t pay back
Lehman was the place but now its sacked
30 to one is a leveraged fact
Feed them with the pen then they smoke em on the rack

Sold you a house now they’re takin it back
Can’t pay the man caused the mortgage wack
Now we gonna bail out Freddie Mac
Better bottom up or we’re comin with the glock

Now I hear a whore called Fannie Mae
Just like her brother she piss it away
Bank of the citi is a bird of prey
Billions for the bonus cause they stole it and we pay

Now we’re gonna pay out AIG
One Fifty Billion vacation free
Ridin the wave of the banker spree
Linin all their pockets as they float it on the fee

Pushin the paper but don’t know Jack
Buyin and a sellin it just like crack
Now we gonna find out where it’s at
Fishin with the bait cause the dream collapse

Bank of America how’s it go
Bought up Merril and then they dole
Millions for an office of the CEO
They lootin all they can and they leave us like a ho

Sold and Send
Waste Away
Sold Again
Can’t pay a dime cause the system blind
Greed turned to fear and they flushed it away

Hold Or Break

Written By: Perlman

We bang We brawl We smoke We fall
The street The heat We stand And crawl
Five for one The moon The sun
Make the world What will become

We race till dawn or to the wall
We laugh it off don’t sweat the call
We know we come its not too far
We dare to ride the falling star

All we want is all we gave
We roam in space a tidal wave
Always thought it be that way
We run as one into the grave

It Ours To Take Now
Hold or Break It

Hold or Break It

Come and save me
My faith is fading
Silent waiting
On you to turn this around


Written By: Perlman/Hestla

Not too young to remember
Not too old to forget
About the blood I once found
About the deeds I do regret

Make our way through the jungle
Strange creatures always roam
Now we swim to the sky
Born of wind now on our own

We're all out of our mind
Roaming across space and time
Looking low and high
Searching for something better
Help me I been losing my way
Help me I been losing my way
Can you show me which way to find
Some kind of sign

Been there tired and crossed my soul
Met the devil and then I saw
Last train to heaven I could not pay
Last train to heaven I could not stay

We're all out of our mind
Roaming across space and time
Looking low and high
Searching for something better
Help me I been losing my way
Help me I been losing my way
Can you show me which way to find
Some kind of sign

Show me some kind of sign


Written By: Perlman


I saw myself today
And I’m not quite what I seem
I held my head in shame
For all the things I’ve done

Tomorrow I Reclaim x2
Tomorrow I Will Reclaim
Tomorrow I Reclaim Myself

I saw all was in vain
And all I thought I gained
Flowed into the sea
Lost under the sun

Reclaim Myself


Written By: Perlman

In the dark of the night just out of sight now we find
In the mind is the crime of the whispering inside how we hide
Come from sin soon we begin
Tell us be silent forget where you been

I see the world breaking down again as I ride the tide x2

Lie for the risk for the signs that they miss when we show
Lie in the wake for the waste in the faith we don't know
Vessel broken shattered light
Now we begin to bring it back it again

I see the world breakin down again as I ride the tide x2

Pain we know
They did sow
Paved the road from where we
We will not let the scar define
We will now let the heart decide
Come inside Come Inside
Let it go Let it go

I see the world breaking down again as I ride the tide x2
I see the clouds swirling in my head as I ride the tide
I see the moon stolen by the son as I ride the tide
I see the world breaking down again as I ride the tide x2

All Is The Same

Written By: Perlman

He went on her lap
As she rose to the one
Cried at her feet
As she rises above

All Is The Same In The End

Bells toll the trance
And chant the word
Prayer on his lips
Rebirth of the soul

Comes from a land
No chance but to seek
Find God in her mind
And transcends time


Fifty Dollars
Long Lost Land
Fight For Your Survival
Another Way
Mama Rants
Cloned Soul
Four Days
Get Some

Set List

All I Am
Hold Or Break
Fight For Your Survival
Long Lost Land
Another Way
Mama Rants
Fifty Dollars
All Is The Same