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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop






"The Official Interview"

DT: Describe your music and what make you and your art so real..

My music is a reflection of me. I talk about everything from the hood to sex .I have been on both sides of the
hustle so i can speak on anything. .

DT: What do fans like most about your music?

Honestly , I'm just a regular brotha. . my people see that. I'm like that hustla on their block, that crazy cousin,
that brotha you turn to for a will help. I'm that " go to " guy. "If you need it , I gotit" guy. I'm a make you listen to
what I'm saying . I got a habit of speaking my mind. So if I feel somebody strayin , I get at em. We go through
enough, so I use what i been through to let the next man know, the real, ya know , the options before that one
decision changes everything. Don't get me wrong, all I'm saying is no person is one thing, I'm a
variety , so i put it all out there in my music.

DT: Who is your idol and how are you influenced by him or her?

I look up to my mother, cause she raised 3 kids by herself and taught me what I needed to know about taking
care of myself.. I'm not the easiest person to get along with cause I dont take stuff from people. If i need help, I
don't ask anybody. I try my best to get it myself. I dont take money , gifts, food. nothing. Cause I feel I gotta pay
em back. My moms taught me to cook , and clean for myself so I dont
need anybody for anything. Growing up in my house , if you dont cook, you don't eat, so you learn fast.

DT: Who is the hottest female artist in the industry right now and why?

Damn, thats a tough question, Alicia Keys is always blaze. I heard she coming out with some new album. I
would 've love to be a part of that .She reminds me of myself, being part of every aspect of the biz. The
writing, the production, She all over it. I love that . And she seem like she cool peoples too.So working with her
would be tight.DT: What cd are you currently listening to?

Always got Pac in the trunk, Dr. Dre , Jay Z,Snoop, Biggie. I'm old school like that.. I bump Sade, Ginuwine ,
R.Kelly the new cat ,J.Holiday, and of course, myself. I'm my own worst critic.. Most of the new stuff out is
garbage.Most of it sound the same.

DT: What local undiscovered artist band or group should Chi Town be on the look out for?

Why?Me, thats as simple asI can put it. I been independent for a while. I put out my own product . I record here
in the city at The DEMO FACTORY recording. I started my company REKKCOGNIZE ENTERTAINMENT. These
days , gotta do it legit.cause they will shut you down. I sell music out the trunk, online, on shows, after parties,
at the club, at the job, everywhere. I've went ghetto gold in the streets cause most of the people that buy my
music dont got credit cards to buy it online. They might see me at a grocery or clothing store and want
to get a cd from me.I'm always packin' a cd on me..I treat it like cash and carry, you got that cash, you
can carry out one of my cds. Thats real talk.

DT: In your opinion, what is your best physical asset?

Being real, my daughter . I'm a single father and my daughter is my greatest physical asset. I have had her
since birth and its just me and her against the world.She inspires me to keep doing, cause its not just me
anymore. At the end of the day, it's all about her.

DT: Favorite bar drink?

Dont't drink playa. it gotta be an occasion or something ya know. One of my peoples got out, going in,
wedding. something like that. I buy out the bar for my boys.I like to make sure everybody have a good time. I
ain't gotta drink to do that.I'm a big guy,so I'm usually on security or something. Making sure my peoples not
wildin' out...too much. Gotta have a clear mind if something happen. Most women don't like a brotha with
liquor on his breath. So i gotta keep it fresh. LOL.

DT: Where can fans bump into you on the weekends?

Everywhere, you see that black chevy truck allover. With a trunk full of cds. You want a cd , get at me. .I'm at
the clubs talking to the djs , doing street promotions, See me at the restaurant picking up my food, (fish and
chicken combo, gyros dinner) I'm passing out promo flyers all over the city. Damn , you can see me on my bike
giving flyers to people on bus stops, walking, where ever. Being independent , ya gotta do it like that..DT: Any upcoming show?

Working on some. I encourage everybody to request WHO WE ARE ( welcome to C HI), REKKCOGNIZE, YOU
KNOW HOW WE DO ,and THE COMING at their local radio station. Especially POWER 92 (773)375-9246. ,
WGCI (773)591-1075 , B96 (312)591-9696 ,KISS FM (312)591-1035 . I can't help it. I'm a business man. Gotta
keep the business going, LOL Also, I'm reading scripts for a few movies too. Just trying to do as much as I
can , while I can.

DT: Are you interested in performing with other artists in the Chi town arena?

What type of artists are you opening to collaborating with? Who ever. It doesn't matter. they got a venue., an
audience.It's all good..On the callaborating end, hip hop, r&b artists ,popor rock. I vibe with all.. If the track is
fire, i'm all on it. I bring alot to the table. I'm not trippin on money. As long as I get my writing credit and/or
production credit.I'm registered through ASCAP so I'm going to get paid off the song anyway. It's all about the
grind. If you doing big things , or trying. get at me.I work with those who on their business..I can do bad by
myself. If you want to book me , text me at 773-425-5936.. All you gotta do is get me there, make sure I can get
my eat on, have a spot where I can post up for a minute to get my mind right, cue up my music, and leave the
rest to me. That's it, stay safe out there. .LATA
- DaTongue Magazine


released : 2006
WHO WE ARE(welcome to C H I)

Hosted by DJ KHALED

KEEZO KANE (of Kanye west's G.O.O.D MUSIC)


album : REKKTIFY
release:SUMMER 2012

(singles and videos)

(other singles)
FOR THE GROWN AND SEXY(watch how we do)



.. REKKHAN is now becoming a force for the masses. From selling tapes from his car, to underground mixtapes, to the majors. And like he says ,"Do what you can , while you can." REKKHAN is somebody to look out for. Also developing screenplays for movies and television, REKKHAN is all over the place . With acting projects in the works, REKKHAN is showing his versatility not just as an artist and producer, but also jumping in the acting game to make himself an all around entertainer. And adding video directing to his resume as well, REKKHAN’s like “Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself” .Also attaching President and C E O to his list of accomplishments with the start of REKK-cognize Entertainment. A production company out of Chicago. He is putting his destiny in his own hands. Starting his career in the early 90's, on the South side of Chicago. Writing and rapping as an escape for what was going on outside his window. A way of getting out of an environment filled with gang banging and drug dealing. And after catching a bullet in the back and loosing his brother to jail time. REKKHAN realized it had to be a better way and decided to take his music to a more serious level.
"It was crazy at that time, the money we made was going fast. With my brother locked up and me in the hospital. We couldn't get no money, police was shutting down the blocks, and it was either get your hustle on elsewhere or get crushed in their path. Cause they was coming."
REKKHAN, on his own start hitting the local talents shows and local radio stations. And was introduced to the studio in 91.A new environment, REKKHAN picked up little tricks every time he stepped in the studio. One of his first songs was played on the radio in 1994 on WGCI 107.5 FM in Chicago, on the Chicago talent portion of the evening show. REKKHAN has been focused ever since.
With influences like NWA, RUN DMC, RAKIM, KRS ONE, LL COOL J, PUBLIC ENEMY, KOOL G RAP ,ICE T, BIG DADDY KANE, SLICK RICK to DR. DRE, ICE CUBE , JAY Z, NAS, NOTORIOUS BIG, SNOOP DOGG, SCARFACE, R.KELLY and the legendary 2PAC. You can say REKKHAN is all of these artists put together. Spitting fire, insight, vivid, thought provoking lyrics with the ability to give you a clear picture of what he is saying. From pain, sadness, inspiration and drama. REKKHAN is an open book/movie/artist with vivid lyrics with a need to know basis attitude. Get to know REKKHAN.
Coming from a single parent home, REKKHAN learned to get his at an early age. But admits he got all his hustle and game from his mother.
"All I know about game and hustling, I got it from my mother. She schooled me in her own way how to get mine. She told us if we want to get anything, you got to get if yourself. That way you owe nobody. And that's one of the philosophies I follow."
Like they say what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger."I've caught a few bullets, so what...?And I know my trials and tribulations have just begun. I've been through it all, my music reflects that. And my peoples feel me cause they know. That's all that matters. And I'm a shine from that. REKK-cognize that."
2PAC said? "I guarantee, I will spark the brain that will change the world. ." You know what. Check the flame, REKKHAN is here.
"I'm untouchable baby, like me or love me, it doesn't matter ....I'll see you when i see you.The game's over-----------stop playing.