Rekkid bitch Mike

Rekkid bitch Mike


Rekkid Bitch Mike s style of drum and bass is a selection of old school d$b met with the hard bounding sounds of today .you ll find his double drops to be super tight and watch out when the cross fader starts going this boy can scratch ...


Rekkid Bitch Mike comes from Halifax NS born and raised with the dj seen as big as it was at the time it was no doubt that he would catch on . not impressed by the music that every one els is into he went to the electronic side of things starting with breaks moving to trip hop and then finaly settling on drum and bass as his main fav .... rekkid mixes like a kid after eating a big tub of chocolate icing it s fast and you never now when something heavy will drop. with his old school flavorer and new school records his mixes are to fat to handle


1 the power of digital Rekkids
2 same old you
3 if i
4 endless love
5 baby i need you
6 hay yo Rekkid vs day la soul
7 smoke dub
all of these are dub step and trip hop

Set List

all i need is two turn tables and my rekkids