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Rekless Youth

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Independents, Big Awesome, Bracing For Impact, Rekless Youth @ The Milestone Club 2/12/11"

I did not take notes. But that’s OK because really the Milestone is the kind of place where if I had a pen, history would have compelled me to contribute something to its walls. So without notes I attempt this. When critics describe something as “trans-generational” it is often without a definite example. This show could be aptly described however because Reckless Youth and Big Awesome are young, barely past the age of “we should know better than to do this kind of stuff but we do it anyway”. It’s clear from the moment the first power chord is struck to the last ring of the crash that rock belongs to the young, the reckless, and the awesome. Big time!

But specifically, I liked Reckless Youth. A power- pop- punk trio consisting of Morgan on bass vocals, Andrew on drums and vocals, and Madison on guitar and vocals, appearance wise they remind me of some early eighties new wave band. Replete with the Risky Business shades ad day glow t-shirt Madison was sporting. It’s always good to see such tight playing and high energy.

But there is a slight difference, by comparison, between RY and the more subdued energy and style of Big Awesome. Hailing from Bluffton SC, these guys have a more preppy look free from the traditional conventions of skinny jeans, tats, and wild hair people could associate with todays ‘rock look’. The band is composed of Colin Czerwinski – Guitar and vocals, John Blanken – Guitar and Vocals, Marek Belka – Drums, and Jamie McLain – Bass and vocals. I always enjoy these guys and the way their music is such a layered melody.

Bracing For Impact are subtle sneaky rock musicians who sometimes pretend to be clueless drunkards that somehow found their way from the bar to the stage by accident. But that’s if you only happen to be looking at them from the corner of your eye. As soon as guitar is in hand and an ass is in a drum seat, the illusion is replaced by a full frontal assault that yes these young men are in full control of their faculties and as part of this communal experience are in control of you. Of us all. And one can’t but help to be swayed by their professional charms. Skilled trained musicians and Jedi masters of their craft they be. But one may not be braced enough. For the stage is filling full of smoke. The band is comprised of Jake McCarty on lead guitar, Matt McClain on rhythm guitar/vocals, Bret Johnson on drums and Ben Grant on bass.

The Independents appear from the mist to the sounds of violins and trumpets. Shrouded in mystery and black leather with tidings and greetings from the cemetery for their “family” (a group of resolute yet elated fans cast in ominous black). People LOVE the Independents, and it’s easy to feel why. These people love a good time, so the two go hand in hand! With the Independents play list spent and the bubble machine empty the band possessed no final recourse but to look each other in the eye, square their shoulders and continue to play more music. This is noteworthy (although I took no notes) as the drummer last night was a pod person, a late in the grave replacement for their regular drummer, but one who knew a few choice cuts enough to do well. Encores of “Blitzkrieg Bop” and the Independents signature ska versions of Danzig’s “Mother” and Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds” satiated the family, enough so the band could finally have closure and a peaceful night of rest. The Independents are mainly Evil Presly on vocals and Willy B on guitar. But by the end of the night, I still could find no pen too leave my mark with. But Milestone, I will be back. And I will bring a sharpie.

- Lane Lovegrove - Still Not Dead - Lane Lovegrove

"Hair Club"


HAIR CLUB: Rekless Youth
Rekless Youth: Ah, those flighty high school days. It's the age of endless possibilities. It's the age of awkward romances and trends that change daily. It's when freckle-faced youngsters start bands after getting their hands on electric guitars and drum kits. It's the timeless ritual of boys dreaming of becoming guitar gods, music lessons be damned. All that's needed are amps and plenty of attitude to play quintessential three-chord punk rock. Scads of feisty musical innocence can't hurt, either. The Charlotte-area punk trio Rekless Youth is one such set of blokes. The boys formed the band in September 2006 and won their high school talent show in November 2006. They have since hit the studio and recorded the short and sweet EP EZ Street with the production help of regional music catalyst Eric Lovell. The trio won third place in the Charlotte Battle of the Bands held in March. EZ Street is a recording of eight songs that's lathered with ethos and lyrics of musically enthused youngsters. So what if the lyrics are in the developmental stage and the playing raw and untempered. Isn't that what it's all about in high school? Forget high school, even the geriatric geezers Iggy and the Stooges are still as raw as they ever were. Some boys, thankfully, never grow up.
Rekless Youth consists of Madison on guitar, TJ on drums, and Morgan on the bass and vocals. Among the highlights of their new recording are the tracks "I Hate Heroin" and "Money Makes."
Who knows, maybe they'll persevere and continue to develop and make some funky racket. Or they may break up tomorrow. It goes with the territory. Stay true, young ones. No word on any local dates, but hop on over to this generation's attention deficit disorder gathering place MySpace for details.
– Samir Shukla - Creative Loafing

"Open Your Eyes"

Open your eyes is the first release by this group of shiftless layabout teenagers from WINGATE, North Carolina. If these kids were on my front lawn I wouldn’t kick them off but would instead make them drink until they puked.

First I have to say how adorably punk rock these guys are. I mean Seriously these kids of so young and punk you just want to squeeze their cheeks and dump a PBR on them. The one thing I can say is they really do have an awesome sound that isn’t just a mixed up mash of the first albums they have heard or their inspirations of punk. They don’t sound just like the Causalities for example (I was expecting this) but instead have an awesome gritty basic punk rock sound with a strange uk punk sound which is odd for southern folks too have.

I personally love these types of releases from super young punk rockers. It always makes me think of back when I was younger and brings back the “world view” I had when I was their age which is something every old punk rocker needs to experience as often as possible. The album is tight and well done and pretty much entertaining. The lyrics are what you would expect from young punk rockers which I guess are not bad at all.

I would have to say check out this album. Not only will you be supporting some awesome punk rocker kids but you will also get a kick ass album. - True Punk

"Rekless Youth"

Rekless Youth -- Love Me Hate Me

This EP offers up a half-dozen sides for those eager to hear the upgraded and overhauled incarnation of Charlotte NC-based attitude-rockers Rekless Youth. The line-up now includes: Andrew Marcadis (drums/vocals), alongside co-founder siblings Morgan Lewis (bass/vocals) and Madison Lewis (guitar/vocals). Their third EP, Love Me Hate Me (2009) -- available at the band's live performances as well as online at -- present a combo that are unquestionably benefiting from the infusion of new blood, while retaining the key molecular structure that has infused the angst, 'tude and even lyrical prescience of The Clash with a decidedly keen-eared melodic sense. The bond between Marcadis and Morgan Lewis is immediately evident as the title track "Love Me Hate Me" bounds out of the gate with the voracity of a caged animal and punctuated by the Lewis Brothers frenetic and incessant dual lead vocals. "On My Own" throbs and thrives on richly-syncopated rhythms that wouldn't sound too far afield from the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers -- especially the unrelentingly catchy chorus. Another keeper is the post-apocalyptic love song "Downtown," which not only (lyrically at that ) begs the musical question "Tell Me Why?" but is another prime example of the Lewis's pile-driving, inescapable and otherwise in-your-face vocals, with prime backing support from Marcadis. Beneath the funky sonic exterior, "Bad Decision" tells an all-too-familiar tale of white trash and rural family decay -- proving that their message certainly isn't wasted on self-absorbed introspection. This, despite their age and/or the irresponsibility implied by their moniker. The intangibly brooding energy behind "Never Wanna See You Again" may well lie in its power-pop simplicity. Again, Marcadis' vital energy animates the anarchy with tasty fills and a rock-solid backbeat. Rekless Youth's affable brand of anger-jangle serves them well on the disc's finale "No Sympathy," which could likewise serve them well as an anthem of sorts. "We are the youth, we are the young/What we do, we do for fun." That fun definitely translates into a strong and ultimately re-listenable release that refuses to be ignored from a trio that does the same.

reviewed by: lindsay planer - Music Tap


Rekless Youth (2011)
Love Me Hate Me EP (2009)
Rest Of My Life EP (2009)
Open Your Eyes (2008)
EZ Street EP (2007)



Rekless Youth was formed in 2007 by brothers Morgan and Madison Lewis, with original drummer TJ.
Andrew Marcadis to the line-up in Summer 2009.

We are an original band out of Charlotte, NC.

Our goal is the goal of many bands and artists out in the field, we want reach as many people with our music and hopefully in doing so a few people out there will enjoy it and feel better because of it.

How can we describe our sound without it being the typical, "we don't sound like anyone" answer? Well, that is difficult but here goes a try.
We are all influenced by rock n roll music, so the vein in which we fit is definitely that. We feel that we have the attitude and energy of a punk show with the force and intensity of hard rock. We may only be a trio but we fill the sonic landscape as well as any 7 piece band.
We are living in a time were music is everywhere. Records can be made and in the smallest of basements to the biggest of studios and as a result the market has become over saturated and homogenized. If we can relate this period with the tone of the scene in the late 80s when the industry was turing out band after band that had the same look, same tone, same message, same everything but band name. All of the sudden out of the dark corners of America bands created a new sound, out of necessity to keep the soul of music alive. This turned out to later be called 'grunge' music which, in turn, killed the sound and the look of what was becoming a homogenized era.
We want to be the band that opens the flood gates to a new era. Who knows what our style will be called but we call it rock and we are Rekless Youth!