rekless youth

rekless youth


Rekless Youth is a three piece punk band from Wingate North Carolina. With a wide range of styles Rekless Youth has succeeded in creating a sound that is unique to the scene. The band is energetic, and eager to get out there. So buckle up and hold on tight because Rekless Youth is here to rock you!!


We are Rekless Youth. The band consists of Morgan, Jesse, and Madison. After releaseing our first album titled EZ STREET in March of 2007 Rekless Youth began to get serious about making their mark in the music scene. Taking no time to rest after releasing EZ STREET Rekless Youth immediatly began to write new music which has evolved into their new album titled OPEN YOUR EYES. OPEN YOUR EYES was written in the course of a year and produced by Eric Lovell. In December of 2007 Rekless Youth went back to the recording studio with their new material. OPEN YOUR EYES is 13 tracks of fast pased and diverse PUNK. While writing new songs Rekless Youth has been playing shows non-stop at land mark venues such as the Milestone, Tremont, Ground Zero, Snug Harbor, The Visulite Theatre, The Neighborhood Theatre and many many more. Rekless Youth has played with many great bands and made many new friends along the way. Young, energetic, and in your face...WE ARE REKLESS YOUTH!!!


EZ Street (ep) March 10 2007
Open Your Eyes (lp) April 11 2008

Set List

Mostly origanals from EP and Open Your Eyes.