Relapsed is a sound and energy that has not been heard or experienced in many years. What started out 3 years ago as a jam session in a basement, has turned into an international sensation. Relapsed sound is melodic, hook-driven, yet raw and powerful.


MTM Music signed Relapsed, formerly known as CITA and Guild Of Ages

After more than 15 years Danny Martinez, Joe Marone, Rob Marone and Brian Mesa of the mighty CAUGHT IN THE ACT (CITA) and/or GUILD OF AGES are back in business! Back in 1988, Danny Martinez and brothers Joe and Rob Marone, came together to create the rock band CAUGHT IN THE ACT (CITA). Soon after, they were joined by Anthony Trujillo. Because of the musical talents of each member, CAUGHT IN THE ACT was able to release its debut album in 1995, titled "Relapse Of Reason". The band won critical acclaim and was subsequently signed to MTM Music courtesy of MTM founders Mario Lehmann and Magnus Söderkvist. The follow-up album, "Heat Of Emotion", brought member changes and a name change. Due to legal reasons CAUGHT IN THE ACT reluctantly changed their name to GUILD OF AGES. Joe and Rob Marone both left the band and were replaced by drummer Steve Stuntz and bass player Jim Lostetter. GUILDS OF AGES went on to record and release three more CDs. In mid-2001 guitarist Anthony Trujillo left GUILD OF AGES and was replaced by close friend Brian Mesa. The band continued playing live for another year, but then decided to call it quits. In 2003, the three original and founding members Danny, Joe and Rob came together again to relive old memories and have a good time. They were quickly reminded of the chemistry and magic they share musically, which created CAUGHT IN THE ACT some 15 years ago. Realizing that they needed a fourth member to complete the band, Brian Mesa joined in early 2004.

Thus, the band RELAPSED came to be and Danny, Joe, Rob and Brian are recapturing the magic of the past, while creating a new sound and vibe. The official and glorious comeback was proved by the release of a brand-new song (even if it was a rough mix!) on the MTM MUSIC COMPILATION Volume 10. "All In All" received enthusiastic feedback by the diehard CITA and GOA fans and they are eagerly waiting for their full-length album. This is scheduled to be released in Europe and Japan, May 20th 2006.


Two albums released under the name Caught In the Act - "Relapsed of Reason" and " Heat of Emotion.
Three albums released under the name Guild of Ages - "One", "Vox Doninatas", and "Citadel"
New debut album under the name Relapsed - "Into A Former State" The songs " Undone, Broken, Mercy Pays The Debt, End Of The Line, and, Generation are currently receiving airplay in Europe.

Set List

Currently we play 11 - 12 songs ranging from 45 min. to and hour long set. All original songs.
Set list:
Welcome To My Life
End Of The Line
The Other Side
Mercy Pays The Debt
All In All
Somewhere We Belong
Hardest Part Of Goodbye