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The best kept secret in music


"Radio station 106.7 KBPI"

106.7 KBPI's "Best Band In Denver" battle of the bands. Out of 387 bands that entered this compitition.
Relapsed made it all the way to second place.

Relapsed had over fifteen hundred votes... and were second in the final round.... congrats to all of you guys and i'm proud as hell for what you guys did and how you performed in this contest.... you guys all deserve the best!!!!! See you soon man.. and thanks for everything... WB

Willie B
Program Director
106.7 KBPI-FM
Clear Channel Colorado

- 106.7 KBPI

"Relapsed - "Into A Former State""

Comments: RELAPSED?! Well, the cover photo pretty much cleared the name, but why not continue under their name C.I.T.A or GUILD OF AGES? With the return of founding members Joe and Rob Marone, one would expect a revival of the CAUGHT IN THE ACT name and style. Likely they decided to start with a clean sheet; but be prepared for a melodic rock overdose bearing the C.I.T.A./GUILD OF AGES mark of quality and enthusiams!

Into a former State is sounding more like a blend Guild of Ages and its illustrious predecessor than any other act ever could (how obvious!). Fueled mega melodic rock with awesome melodies, shredding guitars and awesome vocals. All the ingredients are their and on top we find an inspired act which sets the record straight in a more blunt rocking way.

The production is far heavier than any of its predecessors, as is the material. The songs are still as catchy as ever, but the guitars are louder, more excessive and upfront in the mix. Aside that, Relapsed added a slightly more modern ingredient occasionally. Distorted vocals in "Undone" and a voice over in the mid section (after a blistering guitar solo!). The Vai-ish guitar solo in "The Other Side", slowly waving into an acoustic interlude to boost the refrain once again. The forced vocals in "End of the Line" that are over the top, yet fit the pattern of the song in an odd way. "Mercy Pays the Depth" is inspired, mega melodic as in the old days, yet it has a certain up to date feel to it, which is hard to explain.

No, Into a Former State marks the return of the giant, with their mega melodic hooklines. Just check out the amazing "Welcome to My Life", the finger licking sweet "All in All" with it's sugar coated choirs and the hoarse vocals of Martinez, "Broken" or the full shred "Generation". It is all simply amazingly well arranged and sticky without falling into clichés all to much. "I Want It All" (Queen) however is something they could have left off. Not doing justice to the original, nor does it add up for this awesome band, even though the arpeggios are flying all over the place. Mesa's guitar work uplifts this high class release as it is, being a sweet topping on a sugar sweet cake, with a highlight in the instrumental "Alex" opening for the amazing mega ballad "Everyday". "Somewhere We Belong" again goes straight ahead sprouting it's power and passion and ear mingling choirs and melodies.

Front to back, Into a Former State revives the band and does justice to the reunion after disbanding themselves in 2001. The enthusiasm is amazing, and the songs are all top notch. Though the production is hard rocking and edgy, it also has some flaws with it's live feeling presented. It however also reflects the band as they are best: live and on stage!

After changing their name from C.I.T.A. into GUILD OF AGES, the band pretty much lost some attention due to their more frontal rocking attitude. With RELAPSED the band somehow twisted the melodic hooks and harmonies from their CITA days into a state of hard rocking GOA perfection explaining the title. It is a crossover from the best of both worlds with adding a little fuel to the fire and bringing themselves up to date with the reigning nu sounds of rock. Front to back, Into a Former State revives the band and does justice to the reunion after disbanding themselves in 2001.

HRH Rating: 8.2/10

- Hardrock Haven

"Relapsed - "Into A Former State""

Sjak: The year is 1995. Unsuspecting I enter the debut album 'Relapse Of Reason' from the Denver, Colorado based band Caught In The Act (also referred to as C.I.T.A.) into the CD player. About three quarters of an hour later I'm flabbergasted. There are no words to be found for this, what a great band and what a great record, what fantastic chorus line and what an outstanding singer! Immediately this records is placed among my all-time favourites, but at the same time I realize that it will be really hard for this band to equal or surpass this debut album.

However, follow-up album 'Heat Of Emotion' (with their best song 'I'll Cry For You') proves to be another truly impressive album and the band proves to be capable of almost equalling the quality of their firstborn. Unfortunately they're forced to change their name into Guild Of Ages, because of the fact that there is a Dutch dance-act with the very same name (how on earth is it possible you might say?). Under the new name Guild Of Ages they continue to record terrific albums, because also 'One' (from 1998, with a bonus live-CD 'Live Over Germany' which is still released under the C.I.T.A.-name), 'Vox Dominatas' (1999) and 'Citadel (2001, with the outstanding 'So This Could Be You') are real gems in the genre. Unfortunately they decide to call it a day in 2002 and I was assuming never to hear anything anymore of this super band.

However, being a musician is in your blood and when the guys got together again in 2003 to relive some of the old memories they recaptured the magic of the past and they decided to restart under the new moniker Relapsed (a clear link to the debut-album of C.I.T.A.). First sign of life is this "debut album" 'Into A Former State'. I think that also the title of the album links back to their C.I.T.A. period, because stylistically Relapsed is more into the early days of Caught In The Act than in their later Guild Of Ages period. It has to be said that the level of both C.I.T.A. releases is reached nowhere, but they're coming close. The songs are fantastic as ever, the guitars are well taken care of and the vocals, both solo as well as harmony, are truly outstanding (though Danny Martinez sounds a little bit more raw than he used to). Especially opening track 'Welcome To My Life', the heavy 'End Of The Line', 'Broken', 'Mercy Pays The Dept' and my personal favourite 'All In All' are melodic masterpieces. Also the Queen-cover 'I Want It All' is okay, although a lot of people will not like bands covering Queen-songs.

The only negative remark that I can make is the fact that the production could have been slightly better, because on their previous albums, which were all produced by Bobby Barth, the harmony vocals sounded fuller and better. Don't let this get in your way though, because according to me this 'Into A Former State' of Relapsed is the best melodic rock record released this year so far.

Rating: 95/100 (details)

- Lords Of Metal

"Relapsed - "Into A Former State""

Rating - 8/10

Review Dougie


Never have a band been better named. Why, well Relapsed is a reformation of the three quarters of the original line up of a band called Caught In The Act who released their debut back in 1995 which featured one stunning track called Through The Years. and therein lies a tale. In 1995 I heard this particular song, and a couple of others, during a particular drunken night at Maximes in Wigan. The band were rumoured to be playing the Gods that year (they never did) and the album was getting glowing reviews. So I picked it up and was disappointed as, basically apart from 'Through The Years, there was only two good tracks on the album, both from outside writers. To make matters worse I bought the second album as well, by which time the Marone brothers had left on the strength of reviews and the best track was a cover of the Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat. At this point the band were forced to change their name to Guild Of Ages due to there being a German boy band with ownership of the Caught In The Act monicker. As Guild Of Ages they released three further albums before calling it day, but I had lost interest by then.

Given this history I wasn't expecting much when I stuck this new CD in my machine and the first thing that I noticed was the change from the crisp production yore to be re-placed by more modern sounding raw production. What is still in place though is the excellent vocals of Danny Martinez and the stunning backing vocals, just check the bands attempt at the queen classic I Want It All to hear how good they are. New boy Brian Mesa proves an excellent guitarist and plays brilliant solos thoughout, my only complaint being the fact that he struggles to be Brian Mayish on the aforementioned I Want It All, mind you that might very well be the case with many six stringers out there.

More importantly the band have come up with a good set of songs with obvious 80-s influenced mixed in with more modern influences just check out Undone with its punky opening and almost spoken verses before the massed harmony vocals on the choruses. From opener Welcome To My Life to closing track Somewhere We Belong there is something of interest in every song. A good album of MHR that does not sound dated and can stand alongside some of the more modern stuff I’ve been listening to and hold it’s own easily.

Let us know your views on 'In A Former State'


"Relapsed - "Into A Former State""

First they were called CITA (Caught In The Act),then they changed to Guild Of Ages and now they are back as Relapsed.
Yes, we're talking about the comeback of CITA and GOA with a new name,I think it's a pity that they couldn't have the CITA name left because I thought it was a great name.
This is a band that I have followed since the brilliant debut album "Relapse Of Reason" back in 1995 and has been one of my favourite bands since then.
So I was really looking forward to this new album with Danny Martinez, Brian Mesa, Joe Marone and Rob Marone and I think this is a great album.
The sound is very similar but with less keyboards that we're used to hear on the other albums and little more modern approach.

Danny has a fantastic voice and I've been a huge fan of him since the early CITA days and he still sings as good today.
The harmonies and background vocals are very strong and makes this album sound so melodic.
The sound is more guitaroriented,I would have prefered that they should have used more keyboards but they have still managed to come up with very melodic songs with superb hooklines. ¨
The cover version of Queens "I Want It All" is done with pure magic, I just love it.
"Undone" is another winner with a cathcy chorus filled with fantastic riffin' guitars and a huge sound.
"Broken" gives flashbacks to the debut album with a more modern sound but listen to the powerful chorus that really takes a grip of you. Great song.
"Generation" rocks big time with excellent guitars and Danny's smooth vocals that lifts up this song.

Relapsed has recorded a first-class hardrock album with powerful choirs and a guitaroriented sound that's harder than before but yet very melodic.
I just hope that these guys gets the chance to record more albums but please, put in more keyboards next time and we're talking about an even stronger album. This is the heaviest album so far from the former CITA and GOA members but they still got the touch.


Two albums released under the name Caught In the Act - "Relapsed of Reason" and " Heat of Emotion.
Three albums released under the name Guild of Ages - "One", "Vox Doninatas", and "Citadel"
New debut album under the name Relapsed - "Into A Former State" The songs " Undone, Broken, Mercy Pays The Debt, End Of The Line, and, Generation are currently receiving airplay in Europe.


Feeling a bit camera shy


MTM Music signed Relapsed, formerly known as CITA and Guild Of Ages

After more than 15 years Danny Martinez, Joe Marone, Rob Marone and Brian Mesa of the mighty CAUGHT IN THE ACT (CITA) and/or GUILD OF AGES are back in business! Back in 1988, Danny Martinez and brothers Joe and Rob Marone, came together to create the rock band CAUGHT IN THE ACT (CITA). Soon after, they were joined by Anthony Trujillo. Because of the musical talents of each member, CAUGHT IN THE ACT was able to release its debut album in 1995, titled "Relapse Of Reason". The band won critical acclaim and was subsequently signed to MTM Music courtesy of MTM founders Mario Lehmann and Magnus Söderkvist. The follow-up album, "Heat Of Emotion", brought member changes and a name change. Due to legal reasons CAUGHT IN THE ACT reluctantly changed their name to GUILD OF AGES. Joe and Rob Marone both left the band and were replaced by drummer Steve Stuntz and bass player Jim Lostetter. GUILDS OF AGES went on to record and release three more CDs. In mid-2001 guitarist Anthony Trujillo left GUILD OF AGES and was replaced by close friend Brian Mesa. The band continued playing live for another year, but then decided to call it quits. In 2003, the three original and founding members Danny, Joe and Rob came together again to relive old memories and have a good time. They were quickly reminded of the chemistry and magic they share musically, which created CAUGHT IN THE ACT some 15 years ago. Realizing that they needed a fourth member to complete the band, Brian Mesa joined in early 2004.

Thus, the band RELAPSED came to be and Danny, Joe, Rob and Brian are recapturing the magic of the past, while creating a new sound and vibe. The official and glorious comeback was proved by the release of a brand-new song (even if it was a rough mix!) on the MTM MUSIC COMPILATION Volume 10. "All In All" received enthusiastic feedback by the diehard CITA and GOA fans and they are eagerly waiting for their full-length album. This is scheduled to be released in Europe and Japan, May 20th 2006.