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The perfect blend of the rawness and grit of the "Dirty South" and the emphasis on lyrical word play that hip-hop lovers from the North respect.


Since the age of 10, Maurice Capers a.k.a C.A.P.E. had a love for the art of the rhyme and hip-hop. The Holly Hill, South Carolina native couldn't get enough and listened for hours and began to analyze the lyrical flow of some of today's most respected MC's such as Redman, Rakim, KRS-1, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, TuPac, Ludacris, and many others. As he began to craft his own rhymes, many people in the Holly Hill area began to take notice of the young C.A.P.E's lyrical flow. Inspired by the success and words of encouragement from his cousin, former Ruff Ryder/Def Jam recording artist Infa-Red, C.A.P.E. began to record his music starting in 2000 and built a loyal fan base in his hometown of Holly Hill.

However, things didn't start taking off for C.A.P.E. until a family reunion in the summer of 2006 provided the opportunity he needed. He gave his cousin Nathan "N.A." Kennedy a sample of his music. "N.A" and his cousin M. Jamal "Big Cuz" Green were in the preliminary stages of forming a music imprint. Upon hearing C.A.P.E.'s music, they decided to make him the signature artist for their fledgling New York based independent label, Related By Blood Productions, LLC.

Though its taken 6 years, C.A.P.E. is finally set to emerge as one of Carolina USA's premier M.C.'s


1) Like Me - Released 2007
2) What It Is - Released 2007

Set List

"Like Me" is usually first followed by "What It Is"