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The best kept secret in music


"Type/Void review:"

Relay is a good example of a band that has taken its influences and rather wearing them on their sleeve, have woven them into the fabric of their talent. This is undoubtedly shoegaze, and like many shoegaze bands the focus is on the mixture of the atmospheric guitars and almost whispered vocals. Relay has found the perfect mixture of guitar tones and reverbs paired with the angelic voices of Mikele Edwards and Jeff Zeigler. Samples are used discreetly and add an extra layer of complexity without making things overly complicated. Another bonus of this band is the purity and confidence that their music exudes. Possibly the only downfall of this EP is that it is not long enough and is actually a tease for a proper full length that hits stores mid October. Rarely is there a band that is really faultless both musically and philosophically; Relay gets about as close as you can come.

Andrew Glassett

"Type/Void review:"

There is a legacy of bands in Philadelphia, creating swirling, trippy shoegazer rock with all the haziness of a Kevin Shields composition, but without the overwhelming density. It begins with the Lilys, continues with The Swirlies and Mazarin, and has been passed on to the newest Philly-gaze talent, Relay. Just like those bands before them, Relay creates a surprisingly atmospheric and hypnotic sound, yet in a realm that's much more "pop" than most might associate with a shoegazer sound. Not that My Bloody Valentine weren't without their singles, mind you, but this is lighter, sunnier fare, though no less compelling. In fact, while it may be a six song EP and a preview of their upcoming full length in October, it's one of the most surprisingly interesting and spellbinding releases I've heard all year.

Driven by songwriter Jeff Ziegler, Relay have more than a few sonic tricks up their sleeve, such as creating a krautrock-meets-4AD sound on opener "Safe." "Driver," which will appear on their full-length debut, is tuneful and sweet, blending some synth in with the band's gauzy layers of guitar. And "Half Of" speeds up some syncopated rhythms to counter the droning melodies put forth by the layered instrumentals. It will be another two months before Relay's first album is released, but after hearing the melodic wonders on Type/Void, I will be counting down the days until it arrives. -

"Still Point of Turning review:"

Rating: Highly Recommended

Relay is Jeff Ziegler, who has toured/recorded with Swirlies during their short-lived return to form in 2003, and this is his baby. The opening track ‘New Domestic Landscape’ sounds exactly what I wanted to hear after reading the bio; melodic and quick chord progressions like the Swirlies utilizing minor chords, multiple sounds, and shuffling percussion. The vocals take a back seat but never too far back, commanding the songs as a rhythmic device or a smooth melody to complement the band. Relay are somewhat repetitive at times but after a couple of songs you realize that’s part of the big picture.

Still Point of Turning blends just the right amount of synths and delayed guitars with an ethereal feel that is shoegaze. The payoff is how far it leans towards a renewed modern dreampop sound; faster, more immediate, and definitely more American sounding (think Mahogany/Mazarin). ‘Season’ is a prime example with drips of reverberated notes sprinkling over jazzy rhythms. The single ‘Context’ builds to a finale of awesome guitar patchwork that sounds more like an anti-solo statement than a blistering lead guitar. Relay also gets playful with shifting rhythms on the instrumental ‘Several Circles’. ‘IDK’ sounds like the SWAT Team busting down the door with ear-drenching effects and noise, the explosive guitar wash and pitch bending effects are unreal. And then we have the driving pop of ‘Ode to Guesswork’ which could pass as a Broadcast track displaying a stable pattern of farfisa and psychedelic pop. This album is full of layers and spacey effects that never completely wash out your senses.

What’s initially apparent about Ziegler’s Relay is that this guy knows how to record and blend layers like a pro while keeping the album fresh and poppy. I’ve found that some of the best albums I’ve come across this year are the ones that continue to grow more arms, grabbing onto as many sounds and moods as possible to engage the listener. Relay does this by using many ingredients (shoegaze, pop, and angular guitar rock), never relying on one sound or gimmick to float the boat. -


Still Point of Turning (LP) Oct. 3rd, 2006 - Bubble Core Records

Type/Void (EP) August 8th, 2006 - Bubble Core Records

Pre (EP) November, 2005 - Uniform Recording


Feeling a bit camera shy


Relay kicks the asses of everyone else who thinks they know what blistering-shoegaze-synth-guitar-psych is all about... but they do it with love. They do it with reverance and respect. They were all there the first time around, so they do it with a natural know-how and sense of adventure that succeeds in making all of us feel young again, burning joints down the highway at 75mph... or turning the lights off in the bedroom.
Hailing from Philadelphia, their names are Jeff Zeigler, Mikele Edwards, Ian Fraser and Gerard Angelini.
Live, they’ve shared the stage with contemporary luminaries such as Battles, the Fiery Furnaces, Serena Maneesh, Psychic Ills, Mahogany, US Maple, Dirty on Purpose, Headphones, Measles Mumps Rubella, Timonium, Bardo Pond, El Guapo, Viva Voce, the Lilys and Mazarin.