Archbold, Ohio, USA

Released is a band that leads worship in a powerful and intimate way. With lyrics that put words on the lips of worshipers, hearts are able to express the fullness felt for the God that has created and fully knows us, and delights in our praise. Bringing bride to bridegroom...the heart of Released.


Founded in 2007, Released has quickly grown and established themselves as an emerging worship band in NW Ohio. Released consists of five members with different backgrounds who were drawn together and galvanized by their common desire to worship. In 2009, the band released their first full-length studio album, Creation Sings. Since the album release, the band has been blessed to lead worship throughout the US. They also made the top 25 of Gospel Music Channel's Indie Spotlight, which consisted of over 1,000 bands. It is the desire of Released for worshipers to have an avenue to praise God in a way that they are both comfortable and familiar with. It is through their unique and high-energy worship experience that a new generation is finding a voice to worship Jesus.


Everything of Me

Written By: Nick Hill

Sing a song to the Lord Lift it on high I've been silent too long It's time to let out a cry
So I'll give you the glory and proclaim your praise and I'll raise up my voice to ends of the earth to the ends of the earth. And I'll shout it from the mountaintops I'll dive it to the depths of the sea and I'll take it anywhere that you want me and I won't give up I will keep press'n on till I breathe my last or you come back for me and I just want to give you everything Everything of me. Every part of creation is sing'n your praise and I'll continue to echo all of my days

My Heart

Written By: Nick Hill

Oh I want to praise you I want to lift a shout, on high, to tell the whole world I want to sing Of how your endless love shines down down on me I want to dance because my heart is filled, with joy from you and only you. And I will praise you forever God with all my heart How awesome your majesty so great is your power you paid my ransom so I'll sing praises to my holy King on high. I want to worship I want my hands t touch the sky and I'm alive I want to dance my feet will never touch the ground cause I'm free I want to love you because you taught me how you are my God

The Way

Written By: Nick Hill

I love the way I love the way you love me When I'm fall'n down you're always there to pick me up , and so I'll cast my crowns at your feet totally giving you all of me and I love you more than any other thing I love you more than life itself, I love you , Jesus I love you


Released: Creation Sings...2009