Synth-rock trio Relenter fills a void left by bands like Depeche Mode but what sets them apart is they manage to make the genre their own! Featuring Chris Parker's vocals with rock guitar & drums over a synth backbone, Relenter creates an aura of synth-rock moodiness that is a must-see for everyone!


Relenter, a 3 piece band from Champaign/Urbana Illinois, formed in fall 2001 as a collaboration of rock and synth influenced musicians. Merging rock guitar and a haunting melodic piano with an electronic synth-rock backbone and live drums, Relenter has created a variety of soulful, energetic, and moody alternative songs.

Such is evident on their debut (full length) release, Through the Mirror. An introspective collection of songs, Through the Mirror delves into the darker moods of life, yet lyrically maintains a shred of optimism over hopelessness. Relenter's live set is just as dark, and just as powerful, highlighted by Chris Parker on lead vocals & guitar, Robert Martz on keyboards, and Kenny Flores on drums, along with additional synth backing tracks. Through the Mirror features the songs Through the Mirror, Bombshell, and The Finest Thread.

Relenter is influenced by Depeche Mode, The Cure, Garbage, The Killers, and Poe.


Through the Mirror

Written By: Parker

I heard you call
Smelled your fear
Watched you fall

You tied your lies
Wove your web
Sold your cries

You think it's all in my head
But you would have left me for dead
You waited for someone, someone to call
Now you're alone and I've no sympathy at all

You played it cool
Lived your sin
Made your rules

Fate fell apart
Stemmed the flood
Broke his heart

Feelings can often deceive
The thoughts that you ought to believe
You see through the mirror, not who you are
But such a mystery makes me want you more

Your poisoned kiss
Set the mood
Touched my lips

Your soft green eyes
Won your game
Claimed your prize

Light from those heavenly eyes
Shelters the devil inside
I should've known better than go back to you
But you looked at me and there was nothing I could do

The Finest Thread

Written By: Parker

I'm walking on
The finest thread
It's in my blood
It's in my head
A pulse too strong
To overcome
A wound to heal
A feel too real to be outrun

And when my heart begins to ache
And my hands begin to shake
All the world begins to crumble in my arms

I'm drifting on
An endless sea
Too scared to stay
Too scared to flee
The time has come
The tide has turned
A feeling heart can never part
With what it's learned

Like a tick-tick-ticking time bomb
Always ready to explode
Who would let their circuits fail and corrode?

I'm living on
An inborn rush
It stains my hands
It makes me blush
The feeling grows
It comes and goes
You cannot hide to save your pride
You know it shows

There's a stranger in my conscience
And I don't know what to say
Maybe somehow he can help me find my way


Written By: Parker

No more sun the smoke screen sky
Cold rain on a hallowed night
Bombshell words that were not said
Otherwise conveyed instead

A young girl's emotions can run deeper than the oceans

Red dress on and starlet eyes
Painted lips to glamorize
She offered vows for false renew
It was clear, yet hard to see right through

A young girl's emotions can run deeper than the oceans
A young girl's promotion doesn't mean she wants devotion

I think of all the time I've wasted wishing you were here
What a foolish way to spend another day
Another month, another year


Through the Mirror (2005)

Set List

The Finest Thread
So Inclined
Through the Mirror
I Said to Her
(And sometimes a Cure song for good measure)