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Relentless Jones


Melodic groove infused rock and roll. Music you can sink your teeth into. "Blues Overdrive" with quality songwriting hooks and addictive musical atmospheres.


Our forthcoming debut CD is about to come out and we have only two days to decide on a title and package it in time for our CD release party in December. There's nothing like deadlines (or thumbscrews) to force a band to finish a project. The title we're kicking around is "3/4's" because only 3/4's of the band ever agree on anything, including to go ahead and name the album "3/4's". Getting dizzy yet with fractions? I am. Three of us are from the Bay Area in Cali, three of us have been friends since junior high, three of us are democrats, three of us are married with kids, and on and on!!! But what the four of us do well together is write and perform good music, although I'm sure we could debate how we do it and get three opinions vs one. Enough of this behind the music bio, we ended up calling our album "Gone To Texas" because that's what 3/4's of the band ended up doing. The individual stories of the Relentless Jones players are below.

David Foster - Vocals and Guitar
David Blake Foster, a native Texan, started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 10, and grew up under the influence of Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and the Stones. He has played in various bands throughout his musical career including the band Wishbone, an original rock band out of North Carolina, which had some regional success. After Wishbone, David played many acoustic shows around NC. Then he spent 6 months in Seville, Spain, on sabbatical and laying down the tracks for his first solo CD called “Shine” which he released under the name David Blake after returning to Austin.

Dennis Livingston – Guitar
Born in Dallas, Dennis cut his teeth on a 1966 Fender Duosonic at the ripe age of 12 out in Sonoma, CA. Locking himself away for days at a time in a room painted black, he played until his fingers bled and then some. For years Dennis played jam band, free-form Rock ‘n Roll with anyone and everyone until he finally ended up kicking around with such Bay Area bands as the F#$%^&( Assholes, the Spun Cookies and The Dennis Livingston Blues Explosion.

Chris Neff – Bass
Chris remembers his father's record collection, how his life was changed forever by the smell of the Sgt Peppers album's cardboard, and oh yes, the music itself. In high school, emphasis on high, he would listen to Machine Gun over and over with his head pressed to his brother's speakers thus accounting for some definite hearing loss. Later he dropped out of San Francisco State University after hearing (or not hearing) Miles Davis' Live at the Fillmore. Chris has been playing ever since.

Scott Olsen - Drums
Drummer Scott Olsen describes his style as "heavy subtlety” (if there is such a thing). He is a veteran of many performing bands that featured former members of Frank Zappa, Journey, Whitesnake, Taj Mahal, and Ozzy Osbourne. "After years of playing gigs and venues in the San francisco Bay Area, it's great to be reunited in Austin with lifelong friends and musical compadres Chris and Dennis," Scott says. "Combine that with meeting and playing with a brilliant songwriter and musician like David makes this one of the best musical experiences of my life"



Written By: David Foster

next stop anywhere, our destination unknown

can’t stay here, that bird’s already flown

back before the sun caught fire and shed some light on us

till it burns away in a final dusk

feels so good rollin’ with you

by my side on a superglide

feels so good rollin’ with you

what a ride on a superglide

hangin’ like a jet stream in a blue October sky

rollin’ like a freight train you and I

all the roses in the world and every shade of black

through the highs and lows and we come back

clearer than the thought that slipped away

further than the gods to whom we pray

lookin’ for the stars in the afternoon

it’s like listening for a whisper in a hurricane

c’mon, c’mon, c’mon

we gotta live a little

everbody’s got a light somewhere inside

I thought enough about yesterday

now I’m looking to tomorrow to enjoy the ride

Fallen Angel

Written By: David Foster

sometimes you feel like a fallen angel

after you burn like a shooting star

I know you’re not looking for a savior

I know you didn’t come down that far


well it’s alright now baby

if you need someone

to lift you up to hold you up a while

it’s alright now baby

if you need someone

wanna lift you up till I see you smile

now you feel all eyes upon you

no blinds to close no curtains to draw

yesterday you were flying through the heavens

today you just need a soft place to fall

Stand in the Sun

Written By: David Foster

you found a place where yesterday won’t find you

no souvenirs to remind you

you crossed the divide

you dyed your hair and your accent is fading

the change is exhilarating

you feel so alive

the change of a name, anonymity in the places

among many foreign faces

you’re lost in a crowd

I’m on my way and I hope I still recognize you

you still feel the same that I do

and you say it out loud

we’ll stand in the sun

after the deal is done

after every day and every night on the run

we’ll stand in the sun

we’ll show the world who won

with the devil on the run

we’ll stand in the sun

there is a time, there is a time for leaving

and a time for getting even

as they soon will know

I see you now, and I hope you still recognize me

you smile at the time our eyes meet

that’s when I know

so far from the world you know

so easy to just let go

and know that we have finally found a sanctuary now

a candle in the sun

unnoticed by anyone

but I can see you burning in the light

3 Kings

Written By: David Foster

from the palace down in Dallas

to the south side of Chicago

played the Texas Cannonball

just to hear him and his royalty

made you wish that you were…

one of the kings bending the sound

like Albert and Freddie mesmerizing

the crowd

like one of the kings with BB’s style

holding a note that makes you feel

like dying

Albert was born under a bad sign

in the Delta of Mississippi

playin’ left handed and upside down

burnin’ solos playin’ on one string

made you wish that you were…

one of the kings bending the sound

like Albert and Freddie mesmerizing

the crowd

like one of the kings with BB’s style

holding a note that makes you feel

like dying

playin’ for dimes out on street


hitchhiked all the way to Memphis

saved Lucille from a burning club

now he still knows how to pull her


to make you feel like you were…

one of the kings bending the sound

like Albert and Freddie mesmerizing

the crowd

like one of the kings with BB’s style

holding a note that makes you feel

like dying


Written By: Dennis Livingston/David Foster

you know I love you but it cuts me through

when we can’t see past clouds rollin’ through

rollin’ on by dark as the night

obscuring the sun shining so bright

we’ll find our way like rivers we’ll run

over the rocks and we’ll keep moving on

a break from your blue skies eclipse of the light

it’s just the moon rollin’ on by

places apart and spaces between

close to the heart as far as it seems

a look from your blue skies a ray of your light

we’ll keep on rollin’ you and I


Written By: David Foster

I believe in love and

I believe in a levitation

I believe my feet are leaving the ground

and I’m floating right in front of you now

you got a way to pull me in you got a

way to see the state I’m in you keep me

coming back just like you oughta

like a hummingbird to sugarwater

hey, I believe the sun is gonna shine on you and me

tell me, do you see it any differently


hit me one time

hit me one times two would you

it’d feel alright to fall in love with you

hit me one time

hit me one times two would you

it’d feel alright to fall in love with you

in a rockin’ dress of sea foam green

like a Jeff Beck strat that wails and screams you’re a

turntable spinnin’ me like a forty-five on seventy-eight

I got my ear to the ground and I’m

listenin’ in stereo waitin’

for the moment to move in close I’ll be

right on time just like Bun E. Carlos

hey, I believe the sun is gonna shine on you and me

tell me, won’t you tell me what you believe

Rain on the Windshield

Written By: Dennis Livingston/David Foster

rain on the windshield

speed limit fifty-five

drifting back to seventy-nine

shotgun on the open road

that day in North Cali

window streaks and breath on the glass

broken hearts, another car to pass

no seatbelts to hold me in still

the sound of the road and the rain on the windshield

fields of green go flashing by

so many things left behind

when a patchwork world divides

found out the other day

a soul mate of mine is going away

these blues skies and clouds lined with gray

may all your dreams be fulfilled

your red taillights fade through the rain on the windshield

tears from all eyes they will spill

watching you go through the rain on the windshield

On & On

Written By: David Foster

on & on

if I could write a love song that would take you high

I’d sing it slowly till we both could touch the sky

just to see that you really feel my love

girl you’re the one that I cannot stop dreaming of

if I could steal one from the heaven and give to you

one with a line that rings so real and so true

you would see that it’s not so far away

and girl it’s getting closer every single day

I’m just a bird at your window

trying to get you to come to me


I will be with you through the storm

I will be with you through the days

I will be with you through the dawn

on and on

now there are words to tell you that roll off my tongue

but then get lost in pages and never get sung

you might say that a love song’s overdue

but I’ve come a long way on this pilgrimage to you

I’m throwing rocks at your window

trying to get you to come to me


Written By: David Foster


now baby, I can’t stay here no more

pretty baby, I can’t stay here no more

I’m gone west of the Mississippi

write ‘Gone To Texas’ on my door

now baby, I’m gonna roam this new frontier

pretty baby, I’m gonna roam this new frontier

now that I’ve gone to Texas

I just can’t wait to get you here

now baby, I think I’ve found what I was looking for

pretty baby, tell you’re daddy I won’t die poor

won’t you grab your hat and dungarees

write ‘Gone To Texas’ on your door


Full length debut CD out December 5, 2008, titled "Gone To Texas". 12 songs, all original material - 3 Kings, On and On, Fallen Angel, Sugar Water, GTT, Rain on the Windshield, Standing in the Sun, Superglide, Tropical Depression, Rollin', Jimi Leg, and Dreamin' Of. The band currently has enough material for a second full length CD, with preproduction planned to begin at one of our home studios.

Set List

A typical night for Relentless Jones ranges from a 1-2 hour show opening or closing a showcase at a club all the way to a full night of over three hours of music divided into four sets from approximately 9:30 pm to closing time. Most of our material is original except for some familiar blazing blues numbers, layed back standards, and old classic rock covers including but not limited to: Key to the Highway, Ain't No Sunshine, Not Fade Away, Yellow Moon, Magic Carpet Ride, Blue Jean Blues, Just Got Paid, Going Down, Soul Man, Further On Down the Road, Use Me, You Don't Love Me, Too Tired, and Who Do You Love. Our original material can be described as "blues overdrive" with an emphasis on quality hooks and musical atmosphere that is addicting. Originals include the tunes from our debut album as listed under discography and these: Elliot Neff, Reciprocity, Free, It Takes You, Vital Signs, The Artist, Shine, The Prison Song, Crucify You, You Don't Know Me (Half as Well), and Relentless Jon