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"Relentless Jones Cd Release Party"

Gone To Texas. The name conjures up images of armadillos and outlaws, the Alamo and barbed wire. As a native son of Texas I always get a kick out of this nostalgia from folks that are not from around these parts. As the name of this Relentless Jones CD however, it seems more like these guys came here to make the state home.

The first track, 3 Kings, takes us on a journey of the blues as it winds its way from Texas to Chicago and parts in between. The Americana roots of Fallen Angel seem to have found some fertile ground to grow in, some more of that nostalgia. Its part Dixie Chicks and part Los Lonely Boys, but fully Relentless Jones. GTT starts as a throw back to some old Mississippi juke joint blues. With slide, harmonica, and just the right rasp in the vocals, this is my favorite song on the album. The Funky Dreamin’ Of, is a real ass shaker. With a groove so deep, it forces you to get up and dance. From Progressive country to blues and funk, these guys cover the gamut, and they do it well.

So I am looking for another close to home music fest in Pfluggerville. I walk down to Hanovers as these guys are finishing up their first set. They were tight and crisp with Dennis Livingston’s guitar commanding the stage during “Sugarwater”. The night was as jovial as could be. Everyone I met was smiling and laughing. David Foster played tight while singing with aplomb. Chris Neff was nasty and sticky on the bass, but never overbearing. Scott Olsen was schizophrenic on his drum set. I tried to shoot a photo of the guy, but He was wrapped up in his performance and moving around like Keith Moon on a sugar high. I was pleased at how tight these guys were. They played their stuff like it was second nature and that is what Texas Music is all about. It’s played with Balls and it’s played with style. These guys have plenty of both. Welcome to Texas Guys, come on in the water is fine.

Arnold Wells



Full length debut CD out December 5, 2008, titled "Gone To Texas". 12 songs, all original material - 3 Kings, On and On, Fallen Angel, Sugar Water, GTT, Rain on the Windshield, Standing in the Sun, Superglide, Tropical Depression, Rollin', Jimi Leg, and Dreamin' Of. The band currently has enough material for a second full length CD, with preproduction planned to begin at one of our home studios.



Our forthcoming debut CD is about to come out and we have only two days to decide on a title and package it in time for our CD release party in December. There's nothing like deadlines (or thumbscrews) to force a band to finish a project. The title we're kicking around is "3/4's" because only 3/4's of the band ever agree on anything, including to go ahead and name the album "3/4's". Getting dizzy yet with fractions? I am. Three of us are from the Bay Area in Cali, three of us have been friends since junior high, three of us are democrats, three of us are married with kids, and on and on!!! But what the four of us do well together is write and perform good music, although I'm sure we could debate how we do it and get three opinions vs one. Enough of this behind the music bio, we ended up calling our album "Gone To Texas" because that's what 3/4's of the band ended up doing. The individual stories of the Relentless Jones players are below.

David Foster - Vocals and Guitar
David Blake Foster, a native Texan, started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 10, and grew up under the influence of Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, and the Stones. He has played in various bands throughout his musical career including the band Wishbone, an original rock band out of North Carolina, which had some regional success. After Wishbone, David played many acoustic shows around NC. Then he spent 6 months in Seville, Spain, on sabbatical and laying down the tracks for his first solo CD called “Shine” which he released under the name David Blake after returning to Austin.

Dennis Livingston – Guitar
Born in Dallas, Dennis cut his teeth on a 1966 Fender Duosonic at the ripe age of 12 out in Sonoma, CA. Locking himself away for days at a time in a room painted black, he played until his fingers bled and then some. For years Dennis played jam band, free-form Rock ‘n Roll with anyone and everyone until he finally ended up kicking around with such Bay Area bands as the F#$%^&( Assholes, the Spun Cookies and The Dennis Livingston Blues Explosion.

Chris Neff – Bass
Chris remembers his father's record collection, how his life was changed forever by the smell of the Sgt Peppers album's cardboard, and oh yes, the music itself. In high school, emphasis on high, he would listen to Machine Gun over and over with his head pressed to his brother's speakers thus accounting for some definite hearing loss. Later he dropped out of San Francisco State University after hearing (or not hearing) Miles Davis' Live at the Fillmore. Chris has been playing ever since.

Scott Olsen - Drums
Drummer Scott Olsen describes his style as "heavy subtlety” (if there is such a thing). He is a veteran of many performing bands that featured former members of Frank Zappa, Journey, Whitesnake, Taj Mahal, and Ozzy Osbourne. "After years of playing gigs and venues in the San francisco Bay Area, it's great to be reunited in Austin with lifelong friends and musical compadres Chris and Dennis," Scott says. "Combine that with meeting and playing with a brilliant songwriter and musician like David makes this one of the best musical experiences of my life"