Relentless Jones

Relentless Jones

 Austin, Texas, USA

6 piece rock 'n roll band, slightly bluesy, dual guitars, funky driven rhythm section, baritone sax, soulful vocals


Relentless Jones is based in Austin, TX.  6 piece band, with 2 guitars, bass, drums, baritone sax, and multiple vocalists.  Groovin' soulful rock n' roll. Relentless Jones released its 3rd CD, "Funky Jaws", in November of 2014, recorded at The Zone.  You have to come out to a live show to get the full Relentless Jones experience.

"If you were to take a musical blender and toss in the likable fruits of rock, soul, funk, and Everclear, then hit Liquefy, one of the musical concoctions you’d come up with would likely be regional Texas act Relentless Jones...The collective whole is a super tight band that has many weapons in its arsenal; talented musicians playing their hearts out, smart lyrics, and well-delivered vocals on part of Foster, Lane, and the backing singers. But most importantly, good songs are the key ingredient. “Suckafish,” “U-Turn,” “Evangeline,” “The Fanny Hustle,” and “Funky Jaws” are all great road music for my car. Played live, well, expect them to kick ass. The live show is what got me into Relentless Jones in the first place. They blew me away one night at the new Kickbutt Coffee, Music, & Booze". - Sound Profile Magazine


Funky Jaws, Released 2014, Recorded at The Zone Recording Studio

Stranger Things, Released 2012, Recorded at Top Hat Studios

Gone To Texas, Released 2008, Recorded at Test Tube Audio