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Riga, Rīga, Latvia | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Riga, Rīga, Latvia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Metal Rock




"Latvian Headbangers... Who knew? RELICSEED set to rip the world apart!"

Latvian headbangers RELICSEED are chosen to play during legendary METALLICA's 30th Anniversary Birthday Show's fan sponsored pre-party “Metallibash 2011: Three Decades of Damage”. - Victoria Anderson

""Relicseed" in aacen and Vaals (NL)"

Meet Latvians in Netherlands! -

""Relicseed" in aacen and Vaals (NL)"

Meet Latvians in Netherlands! -

""Relicseed" first mini tour in USA"

An insight in band`s first visit to America. -

""Relicseed" first mini tour in USA"

An insight in band`s first visit to America. -

"A little bit of revolution"

An interview with "Relicseed" frontman Edgars Rakovskis. -

"A little bit of revolution"

An interview with "Relicseed" frontman Edgars Rakovskis. -

""Relicseed" announces a new album and long waited gig"

Latvian heavy metal band "Relicseed" has recorded a new album in USA and preparing a massive gig in Riga. -

"Exclusive “Doomevening, Riga” edition by Relicseed"

Promotional item from Latvia's probably most Metallica-influenced band, released last Autumn in support of the very first Doomevening, Riga event where Relicseed were sharing stage with Russia's Psilocybe Larvae, Finland's Antagonist Zero, and two projects from the local scene: Frailty and Sovvaļnīks.
At Doomevening, Riga Relicseed were playing songs from their upcoming album live for the first time. At the time when this review is being written, the album is still waiting its release, though all the material has been recorded, and ready to hit the World since last year's Summer.
This promo disc, recorded at KS Records, contains 5 songs where only the first one – Brothers' Tears, is original Relicseed's song. Other tracks are: Devil Inside (Lord Bishop Rocks cover), Kiss From a Rose (Seal cover), Blackened (Metallica cover), Sad But True (Metallica cover).
This record doesn't serve as an introduction to Relicseed's music (released up to this point are two full length albums) as much as it is a proof of band's ability to recede from influences that can be heard in its earlier works, and proceed to further explore their own skills in attempt to find their own landmark sound. Will they manage to find it, remains to be seen.
Brothers' Tears – the first song made publicly available from their third full length album. A ballad that deals with Tibetan monks - an attempt to see reasons for protests that include the well known cases of self-immolation. Musically this song doesn't differ much from ballads by Pantera and Testament.
Devil Inside is more Thrash sounding than the original version of this song. For some reason Relicseed love Devil - it's like a reoccurring Easter egg hidden everywhere you see their name: be it an album cover, a website, or a tracklist. So basically, no surprises here. Seal's cover however is a different story. I don't think anything like this can be found on any of Relicseed's previous records. If the goal is to prove that they can play something not even close to Heavy or Thrash Metal, and still manage to cover all the nuances of the original work craftily, then the goal has indeed been achieved.

I see the last two tracks on this promo disc as ones that are there for a simple purpose of comparison. Anyone who thinks that Relicseed is just another Metallica clone, can easily compare these cover versions to anything else that has been recorded by the band either on this record, or any of those released before. You might even find out that, at times, it has been closer in its sound to Slayer than that of 'tallica. But then again, these versions might just have been recorded for fun, to wind up those who eagerly discredit them. Either way, it wouldn't be surprise at all if one day we would see this band's album released by Metallica's Blackened Recordings. After all, Relicseed have been playing a special Warm Up Party the day before Metallica's very first gig in Latvia back in 2008, and this disc is by no means the first time when you hear them covering one of the Big 4 bands.

Highlights: Brother's Tears, Kiss From a Rose

Official website:

PS. Look out for them in UK this May.
Submitted by Peer Ynt on Friday, March 29, 2013 - 18:52. - Monochromatized Metal Machine

""Relicseed" warming up "Testament""

Latvian heavy metal band Relicseed will open up for the American trash metal legends Testament on June 27th at the Forum Palace in Vilnius. - Micrec Publishing


"60 minutes sapna" (December 3, 2010)

1. PVN
2. Sapnis
3. Saruna
4. Pedejais Vergs

"Slaughterhouse" (June 10, 2014)

1. Serial Leader
2. Brothers` Tears
3. Looney Tunes



Since its foundation in 2004 Relicseed a heavy metal band from Riga,
Latvia, has gained a respectful following in the Latvian metal scene and has risen
from the underground band to an international touring act.

Relicseed`s journey began after their first album release (“60 Minutes of
A Dream”
released on DEC 3, 2010) and signing a booking deal with Dirty Earth
. After first gigs in Europe, the band was invited to headline the Metallibash
2011: 3 Decades of Damage in San Francisco, CA, USA.

            In summer of 2012 Relicseed moved to
the Los Angeles based Tranzformer Studios and recorded their second album
together with engineer Bryan Carlstrom. Due to Carlstrom`s tragic passing away
on January, 2013 the record was left unfinished. The band continued touring and
appeared as the only warm up act for the American thrash icons Testament at
their show in Lithuania. In early fall of 2013 Relicseed played their touching
ballad “Brothers` Tears” for His Holiness the Dalai Lama 14th of
before His lecture “The Culture of Compassion” at Arena Riga.

In late 2013, mixed by Dirk Kloiber and mastered by Maor Appelbaum Relicseed`s
second record “Slaughterhouse” was finally done. Published by Micrec Publishing
and later released by Microphone Records. The album quickly raised some
eyebrows and was nominated for the biggest Latvian music award Golden
Microphone 2013
as the best rock and metal recording. In the summer of 2014 Relicseed
toured across the USA in support of their “Slaughterhouse” release.

The band has shared the stage with such metal acts like Testament,
Sabaton, Caliban, Evile, Korpiklaani, Krucipusk, Deadlock and Crematory. Relicseed
is proudly endorsed by Schecter Guitars, Jim Dunlop and Rock`n`Roll Gangstar


"Consider it ironic or just plain heavy ass
dedication and wicked chops but the best Metallica inspired band in the world
may just be halfway around the world. Relicseed from Latvia have landed.
Relicseed is the heaviest thing to drop in Eastern Europe since the Berlin
wall. From loud and lovely Latvia, hit the lights and raise whatever flag you
- Lonn Friend, author Life on Planet Rock,
Sweet Demotion, USA

"One of the greatest bands I have ever seen and worked with! Outstanding music, proactive attitude, huge personalities! Proud I know these guys!"
- Lord Bishop, founder and president at DIRTY EARTH RECORDS, USA/GER

"Tight, well produced metal! It's rare when we come across such an amazing unsigned bands like this. I feel this band should be on ROADRUNNER or CENTURY MEDIA."
- The Rock Solid Pressure Show, USA

"Original ideas, unheard harmonies interesting and freshing music! These guys are on the right track!"
- Gonzo Sandoval, drummer in ARMORED SAINT, USA

"Something`s definitely gonna happen because the music is just great!"
- Bryan Carlstrom, founder/owner of TRANZFORMER STUDIOS, USA

"Talented and perspective musicians. Good luck!"
- Zigmars Liepin, composer, LV

"You have it or you don`t have it. It can`t be taught or trained. And these guys have!"
- Aivars Hermanis, the guitarist, LV

"Latvia`s big dream! Promissing band!"
- Sandris Vanzovics, music journalist, NRA, LV

"RELICSEED is one of the most potential Latvian thrash metal bands which could proudly represent Latvia."
- Einars Cilinskis, 11. Saeima Deputy, LV

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