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The music I make is for The Creator, and I never limit myself to any style or sound. Everything I do, I make sure it's professional and I make sure it's 100% This is what I am called to do. To make uplifting music and encourage a generation for today and tomorrow! Relikis


The name Relikis, stems from the word 'relic' which means something that has withstood the test of time. And God's Word has withstood the ages from the beginning of time, so I myself am a representation of that. And that's where the name Relikis stems from.
I was born and raised from humble beginnings in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I learned the traits of hard work and self-motivation. I have been performing for 8 years now all across the country in various venues. And recently released my debut album back in 2006. The name of the album is 'Soulja City'. That album gave way to 4 singles, with 2 of which were Number 1# singles. One back in 2006 entitled "I Stand Alone". Which also won 'Best Rap Song of The Year' at The 2007 New Mexico Music Awards. With the other single more recently hitting that Number 1# in the nation mark in early 2008 with the song "Don't Think About It". And also in 2008 I will be releasing my sophomore project on September 2nd. With the first single off the new project entitled "In My Heart" being released in June 2008.


March 2006 LP-Soulja City,
May 2006 1st Single-I Stand Alone (Hit Number 1# on R&R 'Radio & Records' Magazine).
October 2006 2nd Single- Top Prospect
March 2007 3rd Single- Do What You Do
January 2008 4th Single- Don't Think About It (Hit Number 1# in the Christian Music Weekly Rhythmic Charts).
New Album coming soon on September 2nd, 2008!!

Set List

My set list is based upon the time allotted and the venue type.