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Relinquish is a Amazing Christian group who loves praising God in all they do. A group of teenagers who travel all over the country every weekend to multiple states across the country. Relinquish have recorded a Cd and working on there 2nd. While playing cover music and originals. Relinquish Rocks!


Relinquish travels all over the country every weekend presenting music through there ministry. Relinquish has one goal in mind and that is to reach others for Christ through there ministry. Relinquish consists of 6 members. Including, Luke Fortner (Lead Singer), & Rest of the band, Ryan Williams (Lead Electric Guitar) (New), Tyler Carter (Rhythm Guitar), Michael Boland (Bass), and Jacob Kelley (Drums), and Josiah Sprankle (Keys). Relinquish is a Young Contemporary Christian Band that is traveling doing concerts and tours. Luke Fortner has been touring for about 3 years now and all the guys together now form "Relinquish". Luke has had the opportunity to work with dove award winning Kevin Ward. He has also met and sang at Russ Lee's church (lead singer of newsong). Luke has met many christian bands and has had the opportunity to work with them. Now on the gospel side Luke has sang with Ben Speer & Allyson Durham Speer. and also has met Bill Gaither and worked with many coaches. Luke has also worked up at Liberty University with some of the professors and teachers for top notch performance level. Our Lead Guitar Player Ryan Williams has played guitar for many years and is a great blessing to have in our band. Michael Boland is one of the best Bass players that we know and has only been playing for 2 years but is on a top performance level. Jacob Kelley our drummer and is new with us but we love having him with us as he makes an awesome addition. Luke plays piano on some of the songs and Josiah Sprankle is the youngest in our band at only 13, he is one of the best piano players i have ever met.last but not least a new addition to our band is Tyler Carter, who is our amazing Rythm player and great guy to meet. We all make up RELINQUISH! And we hope that Relinquish will be singing for you at your church or event very soon. Luke Fortner the lead singer has been singing since he was 3 and touring and singing in churches since 7 luke has been to over 25 staes to sing and has sang in 5 different countries. Our influences are Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, and Newsong. Relinquish is definaely one of the best groups for their age, and are not like other bands/ Artists. Relinquish stands out they enjoy not only performing but spending time getting to know there fans. They also LOVE working with many bands as they already have and are very easy to work with. Many press items can be give upon request like the following: tv interviews, magazines articles, newspaper articles, church recommendations, and many more.Please Check out youtube and type in "Relinquish Band" for ALL VIDEOS OF RELINQUISH! They are NOT on the EPK. Videos are added almost EVERY WEEK this is why the videos are not on the site. Sorry for the inconvenience


Breath of Life

Written By: Luke Fortner

God spoke the earth one day
with the breath from the air
our wonderful creator
the one who really cares
he made each one of us
and breathed from the air
because He truly loves us
And God truly cares

He gave us the breath of life
when God created you and me
he gave us the breath of life
so we could choose to live with him in eternity
he gave us the breath of life
to show his power and his love
he gave us the breath of life
and sent his son Jesus to die
but why oh why
it was his dying breath that started
the breath of life

he gave us his love
he gave us his son
he ensured us the victory
and has made history
he started our time
and will finish the end
our God will always rule
and our God will always live


1. Luke Fortner 1st Album (September 2006)

2. Luke Fortner DEMO (June 2007)

3. Luke Fortner "He Makes Me Want to Sing" Album (October 2008)
I Believe
I Can Only Imagine
You Raise Me Up
Word of God Speak
Midnight Cry
End of the Beginning
God With Us
Praise You in This Storm

4. Relinquish: Breath of Life Single (February 2011)

5. Relinquish: Breath of Life Album coming in June

Set List

time has come
this life
our god
breath of life
today is the day
i will follow
this is who i am
your not shaken
God with us

God of the Ages