Rell Devine

Rell Devine


RELL DEVINE, is BMI registered, an extraordinary artist with great stage presences, vocals, and lyrical styles that are well-known among some of today’s established performers: Al Green, Charlie Wilson, Dru Hill, The Commissioners, and many more


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Rell DeVine will haul out a massive level of astonishment! He will allow no boundaries; no gaps; no questions; all will be thunderstruck and bonded from the overpowering perplexity of his music. “Love” is his subject; “Simply Devine” is his nature; jazz, and gospel are the accommodating foundations to his success. Mr. DeVine is intriguing with great potential to become one of the hottest upcoming artists in the nation.

Rell Devine will successfully convince the all critics that his music has no limit. His versatility of sound will touch many areas. He will inspire a vision that will broaden the heights of his career. DeVine vocals will sway a mode that will plea to all. The strong and worthy grounds he so boldly holds are uprooted by the unconditionally love and support from his late father, “The Late and Great ‘Eddie DeVine’. The celebration of his father’s life will shimmer through the formation and sound of his music. Please make no mistake…this phenomenal and gifted artist is ready to ‘Make it Do What it Do’!

Some of DeVine’s most respected performers of today music industry are: Charlie Wilson, John PKee, Eddie Hayman, and the lovely Beyonce Knowles.


"Simply Devine: “Tell Me" (2007)

Mixtape Appearances:
"YISH”: Da Producerz Volume 1" (2003)


2006: Performed with Woodie Rock, from Dru Hill
2005: Winner Contestant on Showtime at the Apollo Theatre
2004: Performed with Little Gee, from Silk
2004: Performed with Ann Nesbit, Background Singer
2004: Co Star in stage play ‘‘Where is my father’, starring with Lidia Wright
2004: Performed with Charlie Wilson (Background Singer)
2004: Co Star in the stage play ‘ I Don’t Want to Be the Other Woman’ Starring Charlie Wilson

Set List

1. I Am Not Your Man (3:12
2. Tell Me (3:25)
3. Do What it Do (3:15)
4. So Lonely (3:50)
5. Lap Dance (4:28)