Relocated Vision

Relocated Vision


You should check out Relocated Vision. They kinda have a way of getting in your head. It's like a coffee shop accustic and a stadium rock show meet in an alley to fight, with Eddie Vedder and Dave Mathews as the referees on L.S.D. Diverse enough to have you drinking java and beer.


Relocated Vision is an alternative rock band; not always heavy, but still direct and to the point. Their music speaks of lived experiences, as well as story telling. They consist of four friends who have known each other way before ever playing music together.

Each individual has had formal training in their specific feild. Jamy Magee: lead vocals, acoustic guitar. Robert Gaither: lead guitar. Shannon Stacy: drums and precussion. Blake Wolff: bass guitar.

Koch Records said,"They have a good tone, high potential, and a 9 on a scale of 1-10." Nicole Van Eden director of A&R for Illumina Records
said "Amazing hardcore instrumentals! Love the straight rock sound and impressive on point vocals!!!"

Venues include Hard Rock Cafe, Dallas; The Hive, Pink Eye, Kenosha Station,1974, and many more.

Set List

We do only orginal music, with a total of eighteen songs lasting one hour and forty-five minutes.