Reluctant Friends of Steve

Reluctant Friends of Steve


Residing in the Blue Mountains NSW, Australia. The "Reluctant Friends of Steve", perhaps the heaviest folk band in the world !!


From Mother Wombat....

How do you describe a band like
"Reluctant Friends of Steve"?

Well, that’s not an easy task, because you can’t compare this band with any one particular genre. It doesn’t take long to discover that these guys are engaging, talented, seasoned individuals.

The first time I heard the band live my thoughts were, “Wow. They’re completely original. Refreshing. Different.” As luck would have it, they were available when I was looking to book a band for a corporate event at the City to Surf 2006. The show went off with a bang, leaving a huge impression on the audience of over 200 people . It occurred to me that this band must be a real find when I discovered Actor/Director Mark Lee was in the process of filming a documentary about them, as he shot footage of the gig.

Shortly afterward, I got their two CD releases and listened more closely. They revealed superbly crafted songs and intricately layered stories within. It proved to be fate, because the Reluctants (Rels, for short) were looking for a new manager and engaged me not long after.

So back to the original question - would you call them Blues? Folk? Rock? Acoustic? Indie? Country? Probably all of those things and more, because each song in their repertoire is like a different exotic dish, some hot & spicy, others cool and laid back. Maybe the best thing to do is to give you a taste and let you decide, so enclosed is a selection of their music. Hopefully you’ll find them as fascinating as I do, and become a friend of Reluctant Friends of Steve.


In You

Written By: Stephen Stockton

You have, come to, murder me
But it, makes me, laugh inside
I have, been, watching you
And only now, can I, confide…

In You

You think, you are, so clever
And you think, you have me, by surprise
I have you just where, I want you
Just settle back, while I surmise

Maybe it’s the axe, that gives you away
Or perhaps, the sweat, as you stare
If it wasn’t for the full moon, I would laugh
It’s not mine, but your, nightmare

Hope you can run fast, Don’t think that I’m alone.
Hope you can run fast, Don’t think that I’m alone...


You Mist It
Mirrors of the Past
Come On Down Under
CD4... WIP almost complete

Set List

Hmmm.... at last count, I think we had over fifty songs, all 100% original music. I am also happy to say, there are several new tunes hovering in the studio, just ready to be heard at the next gig.

When we play four set/four hour gig, we aim at playing between 40-50 mins per set. We do not repeat any songs unless requested by our audience.