Reluctant Hero

Reluctant Hero

 Ventura, California, USA

So many bands expect a musical career to simply fall into their laps. Reality check: successful bands are made of some of the hardest working individuals out there who understand the entrepreneurial world and are willing to work endless hours to make a dream become reality. Enter Reluctant Hero.


Reluctant Hero is an alternative rock band based out of Ventura, CA. The band started writing and performing in 2006 during their high school years in Humboldt County, CA. Soon after graduating, they set their sights on music mecca, L.A. and its surrounding regions. After a few lineup changes, they’re up and running in full force. They have had several west coast tours, numerous shows in L.A, including Hollywood's House of Blues, Summerfest and a date on the Vans Warped Tour. Recently, they released their third EP ‘All As One.” The guys in Reluctant Hero are well on their way to accomplishing great things!


'Self Titled EP' released Summer 2009
'Paper Boats EP' released Spring 2010
'All As One EP' released Spring 2013

Set List

Set List:

1: All As One
2: Looking Glass
3: 360
4: Resistance to Resilience
5: Paper Boats
6: Maddog
7: Blue Devil
Encore: And The Horse He Rode In On

And more!!
We like to pull out cover songs every once in a while!