We play from melodic epic rock to radio tunes. We are all sharing the same dream of living of our music. In our opinion we got what it takes to last a long time as a good band and we make songs all the time. We belong on stage.


Petter Delmark is the songwriter and vocalist. He comes from a musical family, his father plays the bass in many bands and his mother is a singer. He writes up to several songs a week.
Jørgen Haarstad is a hardworking drummer who has tried for success for 20 years, he has lived in L.A and London as a poor musician trying to get a break for many years.
Martin Torp is a professional musician with his own sound on the bass wich is pretty original with catchy bass riffs. Anders Haugland is the lead guitarist. He is extremely devoted and comes 2 ours before us to practice just to work on his sound. I have never met a guitarist with sutch an ear for catchy tunes behind the vocals.
The thing I think sets us apart from other bands is our ability to write and arrange a lot of catchy songs so when people buy our cd in the future (hope) they will like more than just 2 songs on the album.
We have played together since 2004 and won the Emergenza finals in Norway and finland against 300 bands and ended up 3 place in scandinavia. This is a live competition.
We are influenced by the cure, muse a-ha, goo goo dolls, old manic street preachers and many more..

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We recorded an EP in september 2006 with 4 songs. The song All closed doors will be played on the Radio soon and we are recording a video for this song in April.

Set List

All eyes on me
No more silence
Laugh it off
Here comes the rain
All closed doors
Rise and fall
Too late
You know how
Green eyes
Without you
The pieces left for you
I feel you
The need