The best damn unsigned rawk band in Canada.....Guaranteed to rock and or roll......


Cold days in the winter of 2003 ..............................
Who would've thought, warming in the bars of Toronto, would be the next
generation of rock and roll: remainameless. Formed in March 2003 behind
Reubens frenetic guitar playing and soulful vocals, lies a ferociously full-bodied
rhythm section. Bassist Krazy Rob holding down the low end, is the child-spirit of the band. He has unstoppable energy and is a blur of motion on-stage.
Drummer Rob could teach a Swiss watch to keep time. Combined they make remainameless a power punk rock band you'd have to experience to believe. After releasing their selftitled debut album in 2004, they have been regularly playing the Toronto indie scene. Having people sing along is the band's favourite part of every show. Catchy hooks and pop melodies insure that everyone has a different favorite song. With the release of their 2nd full length album remainameless are closer to:
"Saving the Planet One Song at a Time"


Self Titled LP released independantly - June 2004.
"saving the planet one song at a time" - spring 2007

Set List

Set list form most resent show:

ciao edie's, Sat, dec 30, 2006:

Trust Me
In Your Arms
Born In The 80's
The Way We Flow
Standing Tall and Proud
She Cries
Go Away (lies)
the girl
Damn This Noise
Go Out

All sets include original songs only.