Remains Of Jade

Remains Of Jade


Our songs could sound a lot like;The Lost Prophets moved into a house previously owned by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, who has a dream where THE USED take them on tour and Static X opens for UNDEROATH and then at the end of it all, they beat up Billy Ray Cyrus and Linkin Park writes a song about it.


What do you get when you take metal, turn on some punk and add in a touch of pop songwriting? Now remove all the "emo" cliches and replace the girly tight jeans with some solid rock hooks.
Toss in a hardcore DIY(do it yourself) attitude with a mind blowingly energetic stage show?

Now you just heard the sounds of Remains Of Jade.


Coming Summer 2008

Set List

Set list requires at least 30 minutes of play time/Non Cover Material.