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Youngstown, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | MAJOR

Youngstown, Ohio, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Remains of Jade polish sound, ready to shine"

You can’t judge a book by its cover but apparently you can judge a band by its name. Or at least that’s what veteran Youngstown-area group Oral found out over the past few years as one door of opportunity after another closed.

The simple solution for the rock trio of Mike Chomos (bass), Stephen Paul (vocals/guitar) and Bill Werner (drummer) was a name change, which came last year.

Meet Remains of Jade...
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"Oral Managed by"

Oral managed by industry gurus Make It Or Break It. Check them out at: - Make It Or Break It

"Oral - Word Of Mouth"

Oral – Word Of Mouth
2007, Oral

Pittsburgh’s Oral has been together since 2005, attempting to develop a sound that blurs the borders between modern rock and heavy metal while pulling in some elements of pop sensibility. Oral is in the process of completing their third album at this time, but sent along their second release, 2007's Word Of Mouth for consideration.

After a campy opening featuring a hip-hop beat and campy voice samples Word Of Mouth gets started with "Just Like Me", a testosterone-laden blend of heavy metal and rap. Oral gives it all over to cliche here, filling space with declarations in place of thought and wrapping it all in a wall of guitar sound. "Grind" is a bit more take, relying on a straight-forward alt-rock feel that's decent but fails to distinguish. "Loser" is an anthem for lost and misdirected souls who don't see hope in tomorrow; a decent enough track that's perhaps a bit too tame for its own good but melodically sound. That tameness sticks through "Numb" and "Unsaid".

"Looking Back" restores some chutzpah to Oral's musical resume with some bluesy slide guitar providing fills between vocal phrases. This stripped down sound is a welcome change of pace that dispels the stale feel that had settled over Oral. "Thank You" shows both intelligent craftsmanship and an emotional connection in the song, rising above the largely visceral nature of the album thus far. "One Last Time" is an angry anti-war rant from the perspective of a soldier who questions why he's so far from home. It opens with a marching cadence not uncommon in basic training, and ends with the narrator in a metaphysical morass about his purpose and the plans of others. Oral closes with a live version of "Live My Trouble", a mundane hard rock tune that fails to set Oral apart.

Oral sustains through thirteen tracks on Word Of Mouth with a sense for bland, monochromatic melodies and a middling intensity that's lukewarm at best. There's nothing terrible on Word Of Mouth, but there's not really anything that will really grab your attention either. Ironically the best track on the album is called "Loser", but even here the energy level just isn't where it should be. Oral may have a lot going for them live, but it just doesn't translate well on Word Of Mouth.

Rating: 1.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Oral at The band does have a MySpace page, but as of the publication of this review appeared to house several malicious downloads, so I'd advise, for the time being, to stay away. Word Of Mouth is available on CD from Downloads are available from and iTunes.
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"Oral...The Music Group That Is"

Hot new rock act to tour the south in September 2010. Oral, a band originating from Ohio, has been making a lot of waves in the music scene with there theatrical rock shows. They are more than just another band to play rock music. They are an entire experience. Their high energy and marketable sound allows them to pack larger venues. Hooking up with C3 Presents the goal is to swarm Texas with their unique performance and make an appearance at Austin City Limits and other nationally recognized festivals. A tour is already being ironed out with shows being added in many Texas cities and other southern states such as Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida........ - Austin City Times


Still working on that hot first release.



Get ready for a whole new generation of rock music. At the forefront is the upbeat groove-driven band, Remains Of Jade. Their unique sound is bound to raise head banging tendencies, with a rock groove that is not too overwhelming, yet hardcore enough to get you hooked. The content covered in the songs include sex, lies, and betrayal, all the ingredients for great rock songs. With influences like Godsmack, Tool, Saliva, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, their music is bound to possess the rock/alternative mix that is sure to please. The band hails from Youngstown, Ohio and was formally known as Oral. Steven Paul on guitar and vocals, joined by drummer Corey Shaulis, and Mike Chomos on vocals and bass. The band has been together for about 5 years, and only gets better throughout the years. Their music is diverse, not only because of the experience of the individual members, but also because of their own moods and feelings regarding love and hate, which they incorporate into their songs. Their music is certainly radio ready, as their songs are universally relatable. Their former release, “Life In Denial,” has received great reviews nationally and a lot of online distribution.  ROJ recently finished their new release, “Face To Face,” with Bobby Amaru of Saliva and Nashville producer Nolan Neal (formerly of Hinder).  Great things are ahead with this collaboration and the new album release. This fourth album will prove to be the best of the best from their collective. The guys have shows planned throughout the region and all around Ohio, and plan on expanding their route nationally. This is possible, as their music has earned considerable radio play and recognition. (Cumulus, Clear Channel, Online Stations) domestically and internationally. 

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