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"Remains of Silence/ Battleship"

Battleship by Remains of Silence is an awesome song. This is a hard-core metal song, defiantly not for softies. This song has it all. It starts with mellow yet strong bass line. Then the song changes and goes into a hard guitar riff. The singer has power in his voice and is screaming the practically the whole time. After trying a bit of karaoke myself I know that this is a big accomplishment so I thought id point that out. There is lots of anger in this song. The lyrics are almost impossible to understand, however I don’t feel that in this case that this is a huge deal. Many times, in metal songs there are lyrics that are worse to understand. I see no obvious flaws in the song at all.

There is no band that Remains of Silence immediately reminds me of. They sound like your basic metal group. On the other hand just listening to the song a few times (enough to review it) does not make it stand out as different. This is a very good, yet very stereotypical power metal song. I would highly recommend this song to all true metal heads. I am sure that very soon that Remains of Silence will have a labeled CD out. I am also sure that if half of the songs are this good I would buy it.

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- Gods of Music

"Remains Of Silence/Tower Of Pain"

This is the third Remains of Silence song I have reviewed and once again I am very impressed with their work. The song, Tower of Pain, is very dark and heavy. Today I find that too many bands write music or songs just for popularity or because it is cool. However Remains of Silence is in it for real. The song Tower of Pain isn’t just going along with cool trends; this is a hard working band who really cares about their music, fans and the metal genera.
Tower Of Pain is a very dark and heavy song. Yet at the same time, it is also melodic. This is a very well written song because it has some contrast to it. Tower of pain has a strong blend of hard riffs and screaming vocals, and slower parts with a stronger bass line and lyrics that are sung. Many times after I review a song it rarely ever gets played again, however this will go in my collection next to all the music I listen to. I give this song a strong recommendation to all metal fans. I can see into the near future that everyone will be talking about “the hardest new band from Montreal Canada”, Remains of Silence.

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- Gods Of Music


(2004) A Place To Die
(2004) Split Cd Remains of Silence/Burn Unit
(2003) Compilation La Plaie 2

Remains of Silence can be heard on the following online stations and Pulverradio in NY.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Remains of Silence was formed in Montreal, Canada in December 2000 with the gathering of Danny Corpse and Fred Dozer. They were attending the same class in college. A few months later, Domster came to fill the drummer spot adding to their chemistry.

At the end of 2001 their first demo session was recorded. Even with their first demo, the name was starting to emerge that Remains of silence was a band to watch out for.

First gig came in feb 18th 2002. With a loud and heavy sound everybody knew that this band would build a quick following. By 2003 they did a lot of shows to promote their first full length album "a place to die". It was then no secret that ROS was one of the best band around.

The family, Danny Corpse, Fred Dozer, Domster and Seb The Saint all live in the Montreal area. ROS blends hardcore with an attractive melody and heavy breakdowns. The lyrics are about the world we live in, the dark face of mankind, a critic, denounciation and sci fi stories.

Remains of Silence is under new management and is ready to tour the US.