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Georgetown, Demerara-Mahaica, Guyana | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Georgetown, Demerara-Mahaica, Guyana
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"The journey begins"

After a heavy online promotional campaign, we were finally exposed to the meaning of ’10.10.14 - The Journey Begins’. At 10:00hrs. Guyana Time on the 10th Day of 10th Month, that journey began with the revelation of 22 year old Guyanese Rapper Rémar. With numerous radio and television appearances, the media blitz was in full effect. Rémar under his previous moniker of EsquireDaTruth has been on the underground hip hop scene appearing in a few of the Guyana Freestyle Cyphers hosted by producer KenDaBeatmaker. From his time on there, it was evident that he possessed mainstream potential, so it’s extremely pleasing to see him come front and center as a solo artiste. Rémar is actually one of the rapper’s given names, him and his team decided to go with that rather than an alias. Rémar’s management team is spearheaded by Jonathan Beepat. No stranger to artiste management, he used to manage Don Gialiani and few others, Jonathan help create a sense of mystery and anticipation for the ’10.10.14’ announcement. They released Rémar’s first single ‘Live That Life’ with accompanying music video. The song tells the emotions of longing for that care free night of excitement. The music video is beautifully shot with a much appreciated international quality which according to Rémar was by intent. They wanted to present not just a Guyanese artiste but an artiste in the way it is done overseas. So from the hype of the launch to the shooting of the music video to the mix and mastering of the music to the wardrobe the consumer should experience the standards of an international presentation. We think that it was accomplished by the Launch and we hope that Rémar can further propel Guyanese music and gain international recognition. - 592Jamz

"Meet Rémar"

Over the past few weeks there has been a buzz on social media about Rémar, leaving the public to wonder what or who it was. This week, Guyana Times Entertainment is pleased to reveal the identity of Rémar.
He is no other than 22-year-old Dominic Rémar Weeks who was born to Anika Jackson on December 12, 1991 and is the elder of two boys. He never shared a relationship with his father.
He did not grow up in a rich family but his mother, grandparents and uncle really did a phenomenal job in making sure he was comfortable.
Due to the level of comfort he was afforded as a child and the support system he had, he was blind to the fact that his dad was missing the whole time. One of the things he always looks back at and feels grateful for also, is the great emphasis that was always placed on education in his household.
He attended Queen’s College and is a third year Business Management Student at the University of Guyana.
Since he was about six years old, he has had a passion for poetry. Weeks has a natural ability for the art form; and given his personality, recites it fluently and with natural ease. He was so good that he had the opportunity to represent his primary school – Winfer Gardens Primary – where he placed second in the Mashramani Dramatic Poetry Competition. He was seven years old at that time. As he grew older, he developed a love for the hip hop culture; the music and everything associated with that genre of music.
With this in mind, he thought of becoming a professional musician. With his newest release on the horizon – “Live that Life” – this talented young man hopes it appeals to the masses.
Deejay Blackout, who is actually Nicki Minaj’s in-house Engineer and Producer, heard the song and took a liking to it. He even wanted to go as far as composing an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) mix to make the record bigger.
So judging from the response from people in his camp and from himself, he is optimistic that the song has the potential to go a far way. “I’m just excited for the people to hear it”.
The young striving artiste wrote all of his songs and they were recorded in Guyana, but then mixed and mastered by Deejay Blackout.
So far, he has no expectations but to live a successful life. “There are people out here doing their thing: Timeka Marshall, Jomo Primo, Adrian Dutchin, Lisa Punch, Kwasi Ace, Jackie Jaxx, Jory… just to name a few, but I think in addition to these, there needs to be more artistes that are coming to the fore and putting out quality work on a more consistent basis,” the young man said.
He is cognisant that he cannot single handedly develop the music industry in Guyana but thinks with him consistently putting out high-quality work, he can make a difference.
As an ambitious young man, he said that the sky is the limit and would want to continue to perfect his craft and be as consistent as possible.
He boasts of a very competent management team and is of the opinion that with their knowledge and consistency, he is sure to be successful in life. He nevertheless attributed his success to his family, adding that they were no doubt his biggest inspirations. “I know they’ve put a lot into raising me and making sure I live a purposeful life. I just want to do them proud.’
Presently, he is being managed by Jonathan Beepat and his producer Sirkwesi. He would have received sound advice on anything in life from them both. Rémar says by surrounding himself with that kind of energy, eventually, he too will benefit and become just the same.
As a young artiste who is coming out for the first time, his advice for young people is to be relentless. Music, he noted, can be a field with a lot of low points but the highs compensate for them all. “It requires a level of focus, determination and persistence”.
As people get to hear more and more of his music, they will get to realise how personal and close the name Rémar is to him. - Guyana Times Newspaper


Still working on that hot first release.



I am a young rapper from Guyana, South America. My geographic location is prone to the musical genres of soca and dancehall, but I found my passion and skill in hip-hop music. I’ve never shared a relationship with my father; for all the times we’ve spoken, it doesn’t add up to three hours in total. I was raised by my mother, grandfather and uncle. Their amazing effort made me hardly even noticed my dad’s absence. Since I was 7 years old I had an inclination towards poetry and then when I turned 9, I was exposed to hip hop through TV and fell in love with the music, the attire, and the lifestyle itself. When I was 12 years old, Kanye West dropped College Dropout and that’s where I decided I wanted to rap. The way Kanye used the music to express his truths made me realize that this is what I want to do. I was already into poetry, and realizing that I could express myself through music made it all too clear for me. My city’s language is English but everyone speaks creole – broken English, and so I learned the hip-hop slangs, culture, enunciations, and lifestyle from a distance. I was determined to perfect it so that the world would be able to hear my stories in the language they are familiar to. Like many others, I have made sacrifices to pursue this calling. I find myself to be a story teller, a revealer of situations, and in Guyana, life unfolds every day in dramatic proportions. I rap about my experiences and experiences I witness within my circles, and I believe that the situations that happen in my small, third world demographic, are just a shade of a bigger, worldwide demographic. We all relate to the same situations in some way or the other, whether it’s suffering, happiness, loss, joy… we experience those same feelings and my music is aimed at bringing those experiences through the tales of different life stories. I believe that my God given talent will allow others to identify with it and when am heard by the masses, they realize and FEEL that they are not the only ones who experience life with its trials and tribulations. I hope that my music entertains and motivates each and every person who listens to it.

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