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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie


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Remedy @ Monte's Bar & Grill

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Remedy @ Fox Mountain Campground

Aylesford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Aylesford, Nova Scotia, Canada


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Were you at Fibbers Friday Night? No? Well, what the heck were you thinking? Music fans in Pictou County know that Fibbers is the place to be and Friday night was no different.

Those that were there were expecting to see Remedy, an East Coast funk-rock band. What they were actually treated to was a double bill, as Cody Allen joined Remedy to make for a super awesome night of entertainment. If you weren't there...your loss...seriously!

It was a shame when Cory and his band had to leave the stage, but it was time to make room for the headliner, Remedy.

Remedy was the first band to ever take to the new Keith's Main Stage at Fibbers...The stage was so brand new in fact, it was completed mere hours before Remedy set up for the show.

And they broke it in well...

The crowd got quiet as smoke slowly started to fill the room, broken only by the laser beam on the ceiling. Then, with a bang...the music started and immediately the band's faithful fans were on the dance floor, feeling the groove and letting the music consume them.

The band, consisting of Steve Harley (vocals, guitars, keys), James Bond (bass, loops) and Gil Roy (drums) recently completed their new album "Paleofidelity", and the original tunes the band played from this album showed the crowd the band's unique sound. With a mix of reggae, blues and rock, and even a bit of techno, there was something for everyone. Well done boys.

Both bands gained a lot of new fans this evening and if you weren't there, you really missed out on some great entertainment. Guaranteed you would have had a great time!
- Fibbers Music

Remedy is a Canadian three piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They’ve been around a while and have built a solid following in their local grass-roots circuit, thanks to their live show reputation and their participation in numerous charity events. Original singer guitarist Steve Harley and bassist James Bond (yes, really) recently took on drummer Gil Roy as a permanent feature, although he is not mentioned on the album.

What you will find on “Paleofidelity” is hard to classify. If I had to choose a word it would definitely be “funk,” however expect to find everything from blues to reggae, to seventies rock and indie in this huge melting pot that is Remedy. Remedy sound like Jimi Hendrix meets Zeppelin, meets Red Hot Chilli Peppers and what would happen if they were all to do a gig together in New Orleans picking up nee and random musicians from the street. Lucky enough, they pick all very good musicians I must say.

The funk-blues element is predominant in the first part of the album, up to ‘American Light,’ which then gradually leaves the honours to seventies rock atmospheres, still keeping all the aforementioned influences in the mix, although generally going more mellow. By the time you get to ‘Junglewalk’ we’ve pretty much crossed the pop line, with an easy listening tune somewhat reminiscent of the Style Council.

The unique thing about “Paleofidelity,” as the band likes to highlight, is the song writing process. Finding the basic drum / bass groove first and shaping the song’s backbone from there. Often the initial tape recording of this drum / bass foundation was used in the final recording, preserving the imperfections and with them the freshness of the song itself. In the current trend of overproduced rubbish, I personally welcome the idea.

Checking their MySpace [Remedy on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads] I noticed Remedy are still sticking to their local territory, at least when it concerns live shows. I’m not sure if it’s a choice or lack of attention on this side of the pond, but listening to closing track ‘Completely Turned Around’ I positively believe there’s an audience for this band outside of Canada. In the meanwhile, break that money bank and get your copy of “Paleofidelity.”

Your record collection deserves it. -

this song sounds like if Trent Reznor did a funk track. the beat, and main progression have the repetition essential to a good funk groove, performed with gusto. very original sound. - Garage Band

Engaging, soulful vocals. You guys sound kind of like a cross between the stone roses and beck. Great hook and arrangement overall- i'd definitely give this one another spin. - Garage Band

Up From the Bottom and Rude Reaction. - Garage Band

Up From the Bottom and Rude Reaction. - Garage Band

Remedy comes blasting out of Halifax, Nova Scotia as a two-headed musical monster offering a mixture of varied rock tunes and a slew 1970’s era Funk Rock songs as well. The band is a classic power trio with Steve Harley on vocals and guitar, James Bond on bass and Gil Roy on drums and backing vox. Harley and Bond are longtime members of the ECMA music scene, previously gaining attention as members of Devora and Sweet Tooth. Remedy’s debut album, Paleofidelity, was released April 4, 2009.

Paleofidelity is all about the Funk, my friends. In listening through for the first time, I was convinced that Remedy was headed for strongly commercial territory with songs familiar enough in style to get picked up by radio programmers but new and different enough to break out of the commercial pack. The first four songs on Paleofidelity would seem to bear this idea out. Up From The Bottom is Funky Rock N Roll with a bit of Blues thrown in. Rhythmic vocal lines accentuate the song structure and the strong, soulful vocals of singer Harley. Rude Reaction is a highly commercial hybrid of Reggae, Dave Matthews and Rob Thomas, all rolled up into one song. The melody here is the sort you're tempted to sing along with the first time you hear it and the harmonies are downright gorgeous. You Said To Me takes the Active Rock route with a bit of Elvis swivel in the rhythms. The vocal harmonies are again superb and the song is extremely commercial in sound despite its dark undertones. The sound on Paleofidelity starts to morph with Emergency Light, a classic early 70's Blues/Rock tune ala Led Zeppelin (although not quite as hard). The song is lyrically dense and the harmonies once again are sublime.
You'll want to check out Any Other Way, All In A Days Charade and So Much Better.
Regardless of your tastes, there is a lot here to like.
- Wildy's World



"Paleofidelity" - Remedy's debut album, released April 4, 2009 to iTunes, CD baby, garageband, Amazon, Rhapsody and (and in select stores).

"Tyranny of the Smug" - Remedy's second full length album, 16 tracks, digitally released Sept 28, 2010.
All new album tracks available for preview on iLike, Reverbnation, Facebook, CDbaby, myspace and


RadioRnR's "New Faces New Music", January, 2010, available through "Borders" (Western U.S.) and digitally worldwide.

GoDIY Records Canada, Sept 2010.


"Up from the bottom" - released to Canadian rock radio in April 4, 2009. It reached rotation across the country, from St. John's to Victoria, and got airplay at stations in New York (Rock Revolution) and Los Angeles (Indie 104). It has spent 2 years (so far) on Garagebands top 10 Groove Rock Artists. Paleofidelity was also released to Canadian College Radio in the summer of '09.

"Rude Reaction" was Remedy's second Canadian radio release which also received airplay nationwide, and a producer's pick of the East Coast Countdown. This song was featured on RadioRnR's compilation CD, "New Faces, New Music" (Jan 2010), and on's top ten songs for 10 consecutive weeks.



Steve sang in bands his whole life. Even while attending school full time, he co-wrote and produced 3 full length albums. He's had 2 singles on radio across the country! But behind this facade lay a secret only he knew.... he had been hooked on the narcotics he was prescribing to himself. This is Remedy's story

Steve and Jim (bass) had known each for years, joining forces on 2 prior original albums, 2 ECMA showcases, numerous compilations and countless shows in every corner of the Maritimes. But both had been away from music for a spell of calm suburban years. So when they became seperated from their first wives within 3 months of each other, and landed in the same apartment complex, a musical rediscovery took place. The energy of that rediscovery, coupled with a muse awoken by heartache, brought forth the music that would spawn Remedy's debut, Paleofidelity.

Remedy became a live act, when Gil (drums) joined in '08. Also on the heels of divorce, Gil had played with Jim in a cover band for many years. So it wasn't a surprize to find that there was an instant chemistry to the trio from the start.

With Paleofidelity's release in '09, Remedy got 2 songs in rotation on 50 stations across Canada, and were awarded an ECMA showcase on the strength of their 2nd album, “The Tyranny of the Smug”. They broke into the U.S. College and satellite market, working with the Recording Artist's Guild (RAG) in Hollywood, CA. Their video for “Up from the Bottom” got airplay in Canada, and abroad. They had built a loyal following of Remedisiacs!

But meanwhile, that Rx logo Jim picked out years before, had a meaning know only to Steve...a symbol of his growing problem. Defenceless against a habit that could be fed cheaply, secretly at the flick of a pen, he hid it for 7 years.

In Jan 2011, Steve entered treatment, got clean, and has remained so ever since. He now persue's music as a full-time career.

In 2014 Morgan, a guitarist who's style meshed seemlessly with ours, the chemistry was again, instant. Steve and Morgan were able to ressurect the ancient art of guitar weaving for our live show.

Remedy is now completing work on their 3rd full-length album. A U.S. College and Satellite radio release will follow via RAG, and with SpinCount, they hope to build on their prior breakthrough on commercial radio in Canada.

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