Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Alt-indie-funk-rock band with shades of blues, R&B, and hints of electronica.
They've showcased twice at the East Coast Music Awards, released 2 full-lengths albums and had 2 singles with commercial airplay across Canada, as well as Satellite, Sirius, and College radio in the U.S. (2014). Now completing their 3rd album, Remedy is also filming behind-the-curtain access for exclusive content on the "making of" the lastest projects. Currently under redesign (as of Mar,2015):


Steve sang in bands his whole life. Even while attending school full time, he co-wrote and produced 3 full length albums. He's had 2 singles on radio across the country! But behind this facade lay a secret only he knew.... he had been hooked on the narcotics he was prescribing to himself. This is Remedy's story

Steve and Jim (bass) had known each for years, joining forces on 2 prior original albums, 2 ECMA showcases, numerous compilations and countless shows in every corner of the Maritimes. But both had been away from music for a spell of calm suburban years. So when they became seperated from their first wives within 3 months of each other, and landed in the same apartment complex, a musical rediscovery took place. The energy of that rediscovery, coupled with a muse awoken by heartache, brought forth the music that would spawn Remedy's debut, Paleofidelity.

Remedy became a live act, when Gil (drums) joined in '08. Also on the heels of divorce, Gil had played with Jim in a cover band for many years. So it wasn't a surprize to find that there was an instant chemistry to the trio from the start.

With Paleofidelity's release in '09, Remedy got 2 songs in rotation on 50 stations across Canada, and were awarded an ECMA showcase on the strength of their 2nd album, “The Tyranny of the Smug”. They broke into the U.S. College and satellite market, working with the Recording Artist's Guild (RAG) in Hollywood, CA. Their video for “Up from the Bottom” got airplay in Canada, and abroad. They had built a loyal following of Remedisiacs!

But meanwhile, that Rx logo Jim picked out years before, had a meaning know only to Steve...a symbol of his growing problem. Defenceless against a habit that could be fed cheaply, secretly at the flick of a pen, he hid it for 7 years.

In Jan 2011, Steve entered treatment, got clean, and has remained so ever since. He now persue's music as a full-time career.

In 2014 Morgan, a guitarist who's style meshed seemlessly with ours, the chemistry was again, instant. Steve and Morgan were able to ressurect the ancient art of guitar weaving for our live show.

Remedy is now completing work on their 3rd full-length album. A U.S. College and Satellite radio release will follow via RAG, and with SpinCount, they hope to build on their prior breakthrough on commercial radio in Canada.


Up From the Bottom

Written By: Harley/Bond

I’m gonna break out, and every city where I go, I’m gonna read less paranoid news.
I’ll get some take out and veg between the speakers and forget about the things I have to loose.

growing up from the bottom, up from the bottom....

I’m gonna leave it lying low beneath the ground and buried deep in the blur of memory.
No longer breathe it or have in my chest or have it in my step unknowingly.

growing up from the bottom, up from the bottom....

I’m gonna make it, I think I see horizon, but there’s so many miles left to go.
I guess I’ll take it. I’ve climbed as far as I can go (and wake up from the top looking below).

looking below.....

Rude Reaction

Written By: Harley/Bond

I’m stuck hearing you crying on the telephone
Old birthday cards and letters won’t leave me alone
Over-stimulation at a frenetic pace
But still there’s some of the past that just won’t erase


Everywhere that I go alone, I keep a piece of you, even though I don’t want to
Unending conversation, the cycle never ends
It’s a typical attraction, another rude reaction

Steps retraced and overusing lines
Each piece of the puzzle cut and sliced so fine
You might think I’m sentimental but it’s really a show
So strap yourself in, we’re ready to go


And I see you breathing, standing there
And you catch a part of me sittin’ unaware
And I go home and I find out for sure there’s nothing left to do and nothing left
To say to you anymore

Don’t believe in everything you read in black and white
‘Cause the truth is far stranger than any lie
Yeah well one thing is for certain, don’t forget to mark it down in your head
‘Cause you better believe every second you live, I will infect you the same way
until I’m dead


No Patience

Written By: Bond/Harley

Fading shadows on these once wide-open hungry eyes (oh no)
Never looking quite the same through the mirror
Looking for some scenery I’ve never seen before

You never gave 30 seconds to questions about why (oh no)
How did this bleak incuriosity ever come to be?
Catch myself wonderin’ why there ain’t any wonder


And I don’t have any patience for you no more
And I don’t have any patience for you no more

Tapping on these walls, knocking doors in metronomal time (oh no)
You got nothing but the best of me, and I got whatever’s left
Picking up the pieces spread with such a radius


Lost in a ticking-trap wilderness, nobody around (oh no)
Finding ways to complicate simplicity, it’s a little too easy sometimes
You wake up and find yourself shaken up with fever
Counting holes in the ceiling, and you better believe, but you better believe

That I don’t have, and patience for you no more
And I don’t have any patience for you no more

Emergency Light

Written By: Bond/Harley

Radio decibels grow with gasoline vibrations
Life's a bore and I want more, take the floor please come and amuse me
Fancy ride, kiss goodbye and sentiment of feeling safe.
It's in my bones and thick in my blood, I'm stuck in the mud, please get out and push me


Emergency light situation, wide sweeping turns, fish-tailing out into the void
Every hazard awaits every mile of the road, but my wheels keep turning, keep on turning

Navigate, calculate, don't scream 'til we cross the line
Push and pull and drag and roll my hands are full please get out and watch me
Accelerate, crash the gates with no speed limitations
So get out of the way, clear out of the way, get out of the road or get in and join me

Every turn holds a new surprise so keep finding a way to help keep alive
No time left for regret
Right now it's up to you, so take the wheel that's in front of you
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Through the rail and down the hill and tumbling, I hope the camera’s rollin'
Flip and crash and memories flash, but step on the gas 'cause we’re still moving
Radio, glass shards below, not far to go, but it's no bother
Red line flight and I want more, so don't be a bore, shift the gears and amuse me


I will come to you

Written By: Andy White

I tread a thin line
I walk a jagged edge
I wear no life-line as I stumble on this ledge to you
What more can I do
I will come to you.

I chart a strange tack
sailin' on the tide
The wind lies at my back
As I'm sailin' eyes full wide, full view
What more can I do
I will come to you

I will, yes I will, surely come to you
I will, yes I will, I will surely come to you

Hey look at my face
Do you know why I smile?
There's nothin' you can replace
It's only been here for a while, for now
Well don't ask me how
I will come to you.

I will, yes I will, surely come to you
I will, yes I will, I will surely come...

Oh, I feel it so strong now
Oh, you know it won't be long now
Before we find our way
But for now we're lost with no words to say...

I will, yes I will, I will surely come to you

Drive you to Pieces

Written By: Steve Harley

Wake me when the bitter cold is over
Shake me so that I know I'm still alive
Remember when the days would never end
and the nights would bleed into the light

It's enough, it's enough
It's enough to drive you to pieces
It's enough, it's enough
It's enough to drive you wild

Too late to tell the world your sorrow
You'll see the disappointment in their eyes
Can't wait for a brand new tomorrow
This time, it's time to get it right
we'll get it right

Wake me when the bitter cold is over
Shake me so that I know I'm still alive
Remember when the days would never end
and the nights, they'd bleed into the light
gonna bleed until the light

My Metal Boots

Written By: Steve Harley

I got a brand new pair of shiny metal boots
And I know my thunder-walkin' affects your mood
Street strangers jumpin' outta the way
It's turning to my kind of day
Confusion whirls around

My walking can be felt 10 miles away
Vibrations keep the cameraman at bay
Well you call your mama to watch the news
I bang the ground like I got nothing to loose
make no mistake about it

I'm coming your way (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
I'm giving chase to you in my new shoes
I'm banging your way (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Feel my tremor shake your ground, shake it up

Well I might splinter up these wooden floors
And I can kick right through your bathroom door
I'm making noise in rhythmic time
and all these fractured streets are mine
There's no stopping me now


Hey baby look out! Hey baby look out!

Well I got an old pair of rusted metal boots
This tired old frame might be collapsing soon
There's no-one left to chase away,
I wonder what I'll do today,
Maybe I'll turn around...


Right Side Down

Written By: Steve Harley

I'm gonna take a holiday from any form of rationality
and get right out of the way of my unthinking self
no pretending to escape from proletariate philosophy
never feeling any pain, or 'fessin' up outright

I can't believe it's true, no no no no
I can't believe it's true, no no no
I can't believe it's true, that it was you who turned me around
right side down

Falling down Any Other Way to escape the rules of gravity
I think it suffices to say it didn't go my way
Perpetually moving between machines of hurrying and flattery
Smiling delusions of rain and a parched embrace


Taken for a lonely ride, waiting for a laughter-silvered way of finding
an uncontaminated sky away from all the fabricated glare

well there's nothing much left to say to explain the things you'd done for me
I can't get out of my own way, but I need you in mine


Why did you Lie

Written By: Steve Harley

read in my eyes I can't talk about it
for so long it's been the same way
no words are fit to describe it
not that it matters much anyway, anyhow

i stood and waited at the station anticipating you would come
i had to wait in frustration wondering where you could be
i felt the ground shake under me, i heard kafuffle all around
a sudden fear came over me that felt familiar somehow

why did you lie?
(why do you think you lie to me, why do you think you lie to me)
why did you lie?

when did i last hear your name outspoken
or whispered in an affectionate way?
nothing i wouldn't share with all the passers-by
done in a hard and unapologizing way

i waited many times over what it would take to give it up
i must have counted all the headlights that came and went past my way
another dull conversation would briefly confiscate my mind
for just a fraction of an instant in an expanding waste of time

why did you lie to me?
why did you lie to yourself?
why did you lie to me?
why did you lie?

checklisting every possibility, more than i'd ever hope to memorize
wishing away systematically the dim reflections of tired eyes

why did you lie to me?
why did you lie to yourself?
why did you lie to me?
why did you lie?

Don't mean that much

Written By: Steve Harley

Suddenly I can see what's become of what was once held dear to me
So confused, and so alone, so adrift, so berift of anywhere called home

Don't mean that much to me
Dont' mean that much to me anymore

Fleeting trends, status quotas
And lip servitude to the symbols of reform
Primetime words and endless drivel
Constant updates of a distant rising storm

Don't mean that much to me
Dont' mean that much to me anymore

Brief cachet, dignity
Invitations to the WTCC
Celebrate without a reason
Mannerisms of the fashionable elite

Don't mean that much to me
Dont' mean that much to me anymore

no no no no no no no no no no no no no::::



"Paleofidelity" - Remedy's debut album, released April 4, 2009 to iTunes, CD baby, garageband, Amazon, Rhapsody and (and in select stores).

"Tyranny of the Smug" - Remedy's second full length album, 16 tracks, digitally released Sept 28, 2010.
All new album tracks available for preview on iLike, Reverbnation, Facebook, CDbaby, myspace and


RadioRnR's "New Faces New Music", January, 2010, available through "Borders" (Western U.S.) and digitally worldwide.

GoDIY Records Canada, Sept 2010.


"Up from the bottom" - released to Canadian rock radio in April 4, 2009. It reached rotation across the country, from St. John's to Victoria, and got airplay at stations in New York (Rock Revolution) and Los Angeles (Indie 104). It has spent 2 years (so far) on Garagebands top 10 Groove Rock Artists. Paleofidelity was also released to Canadian College Radio in the summer of '09.

"Rude Reaction" was Remedy's second Canadian radio release which also received airplay nationwide, and a producer's pick of the East Coast Countdown. This song was featured on RadioRnR's compilation CD, "New Faces, New Music" (Jan 2010), and on's top ten songs for 10 consecutive weeks.

Set List

1) Rude Reaction
2) Any other way
3) Say what you will
4) Drive you to pieces
5) Why did you lie
6) Drive you to pieces
7) All in a day's Charade
8) Walk a mile
9) So to Speak
10) Media Freak
11) No wonder
12) The Devil I Chase
13) You said to me
14) I Will Come to You
15) No patience
16) Downtown
17) I will come to you
18) Escape to the rhythm
19) Emergency Light
20) Jump over the wall
21) Marshmellow Frankenstein
22) Don't mean that much
23) Cry an Ocean
24) Me
25) Is Your Child Home
26) Sympathy
27) Purple
28) Up from the bottom
29) Jungle/are you there
30) Right Side Down

Working Class Hero (John Lennon)
Right Place Wrong Time
I should've known it
Rapper's Delight
Bust a move
Hight and Dry
Fake Plastic Trees
Driven to tears
Lover's in a Dangerous Time
Ants Marching

(capable of doing up to a 3 hour set, ~90% original)