Remedy Drive

Remedy Drive


Remedy Drive is a piano driven rock band from Lincoln NE. We've been playing 200 shows a year for the last few years as an indi band. We're excited to have just signed w/ Word Records and about our new album, produced by Ian Eskelin, coming out this summer.


It’s not for nothing that the four Zach brothers, better known as Remedy Drive, have been playing 200 shows for each of the past several years. The Nebraska based piano-driven rockers known for their Euro-rock twist and immaculate vocal harmonies have been a favorite with west coast and midwest audiences for their energetic live shows and their innate abilities to connect with the crowd.

They have played festivals, clubs, colleges and hundreds of churches in between, selling over 20,000 copies of their independent projects. David, Philip, Paul and Daniel Zach offer a fresh experience to fans who seek more than just a musical moment. “We want to ignite listeners, wake them up to something that they may not even know exists within them,” says David (vocals, piano, guitar), and to that end, Remedy Drive employs well-crafted beds of thick chords, backbeats and intuitive lyrics.
Talking with Remedy Drive, you get a very clear sense that they are more interested in using their music to provoke conversation than to provide answers. Daniel (drums) says, “Our music focuses on a hope that will remain. Sometimes people expect artists or bands to have the answers, but we don’t have all the answers. We just want to point to the truth that will last. At the end of the day, we’d like to know that we opened hearts to ask and consider new questions.” Paul (vocals, guitar) is equally eloquent in sharing this focus, saying, “If there’s anything we are passionate about with our music, it’s to call us all to live for something bigger.”

You know their passion is an honest one when you hear the enthusiasm in Philip’s voice as he talks of sharing conversations with audience members across the country. “We are really intentional about hanging out with the fans after the shows. To tell you the truth,” he adds, “when we get to talk to them and hear what they’re excited about, we enjoy that more than playing.”

While Remedy Drive are happy about signing to a record label and enjoying a burgeoning musical career, it’s clear that the true source of their excitement lies somewhere else, somewhere more substantial and meaningful. David sums it up for the band when he says: “One huge reason that we do this is that we just love music. It is the one thing in life that points to the existence of something real, whether we’re in a crowded club, a church, or an outdoor festival. There’s just something about truth at 100 decibels.”

Listeners can look forward to the Ian Eskelin (All Star United) produced national debut, scheduled for a summer 2008 release. Catch Remedy Drive’s high energy live show at festivals this summer including Higher Ground, Lifelight, Ichthus, Crossover, Night Vision, Faithfest MN, Spirit West and Rock The Light, as well other venues across the US. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.


come up

Written By: david zach

fallen short/ falling into line/you're falling apart again
missed the mark/ missing out this time/ you're missing the point again

come up come up I’ll show you worlds to come
come up come up/ we can outlive the sun

such a fall/ it’s hard to find out why/ you're living but not alive
not alive/ barely getting by/ so barely you're hanging on

come up come up I’ll show you worlds to come
come up come up/ we can outlive the sun

real thing

Written By: david zach

it’s taking larger doses now to make us feel alive/
while we’re on the edge of something much more real

don’t leave me to my emptiness/ this grayscale silhouette
this senseless repetition of our days/ this counterfeit

give me the real thing not this watered down or in between
I want the real thing not this middle ground/ I want the sight unseen

addicted to this present tense/ these dollars make no sense
we chase the wind this gold can’t validate our existence

shadow shadow where’s your substance
where’s your shine/ shadow shadow i want the substance of this time

here's for the years

Written By: david zach

here’s for the years the worms have eaten/ grace for the youth that’s almost gone
i was awake when you were sleeping/ when you are weak i still am strong

don’t despair child- you’d think i can hold you up when you fall
if i can hold up the stars i can answer your call

why so anxious? you’d think i can light up the path for your feet
if i can turn on the sun - let it shine in your street
when i rise up, when i’m carefully painting the dawn it’s for you
rise and shine love, give glory where glory is due


Written By: david zach

we’re still sowing in the finite fields/ we’re so content to live under a curse
we’re still fabricating paradise/ with the thorns, with the flies and dirt

hold out for the upgrade, man/ let go of your sinking sand
this bent world’s not the promised land/ this feeble frame’s not meant to stand

this is just the flesh it’s just the blood/ it’s really not, it’s not that tough
the bruised the fragile, cut up, scratched and scarred
it’s just the feeble – just the feeble stuff

the skies alive

Written By: david zach

its dark outside but truth is beautiful/ its warmth in the night
the curse is healed when day breaks colorful/ what a sight

its coming, i feel the sunrise/ its coming, its coming down

the faded sky is tearing away/ these fires are not for light
the feeble eyes are waiting for day/ the sky's alive tonight

i'll build my home upon this stone/ even though they threw it out
its getting late, i'm going to wait for it/ the final shout


Written By: david zach

it’s just a front so tear down these walls/ like jericho– let em fall/ it’s just a hype/
a plastic paradise– rip open the skies/ rip open the skies

statues cannot breathe/ they made them out of stone/ don’t make yourself at home
this life we leave it’s only skin and bone/ don’t make yourself at home

man made towers/ high rise to the sky/ will never reach - it’s much to high
you can simulate but as hard as we try/ it’s just a reply it’s just a reply

i’ve counted her towers/ i’ve walked in her streets
saw the needle’s eye where her fire walls meet/ we’ll tell our children
cities coming down/ rip open the skies


Written By: david zach

you call me out I don’t hear a sound / you call me up but I’m on the ground
and I don’t want to be left outside/ when you come to take your bride
you said you’d come to take your bride

you said you’d break the dawn/ can you hear my song – how long
you said you’d break the day/ can you hear me say – how long

under seven thunders one man fails/ under seven layers of skin and scales
if i could touch the hem then i'd be made new/ when the grass is wet with dew
i think the grass is wet with dew

i don’t want to banished/left outside/ expelled repelled ignored denied - outside castle walls stand so tall/ i’ve heard a call but i’m on the fallen side outside

king of failures

Written By: david zach

by your side i can be rightstanding in your eyes now
by your words i can be made new make me alive now

you came into a broken race
king of failures, took my place

you were bruised/ you took great pains for me to breathe now/
i’m not a slave/ you took my chains and set me free now

king of failures took my place now
i stand upright before your face somehow

right side

Written By: david zach

To hear the trumpet sound with no burning wick with no wedding gown
On your right side/ on your right side
There's tares amongst the wheat and goats amongst the sheep
On your right side/ am I on your right side

Come away – I'll separate my people
Come away – I'll separate my own

Smoke stacks and glass walls/ whitewashed tombs in stained glass halls
On your right side/ on your right side
Called out and set apart not country club not super-mart
On you right side/ are we on your right side

Come away – I'll separate my people
Come away – I'll separate my own

Come out from them all my people
Come out come out now and I will receive you

Come away – I'll separate my people
Come away – I'll separate my own


2006 - 'rip open the skies' producer jim cooper
2004 - 'magnify'
2002 - 'a live album'
2000 - 'remedy drive'

Set List

come up
stand up
skies alive
king of failures
all along

typical set 60 minutes
30-40 minutes is great