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Remedy To An End, emerging from Peoria, IL, are the end result of a sonic mind-collaboration of Shane Jones, Chuck Edwards, Neil Ice, Cole Johnson, Josh Williams and Aaron Toland. After experimenting with various bands throughout the early teenage years, the guys got together and formed what is now known as RTAE in Mid-July of 2009. However don't be fooled by the years under their belts, they are merely the building block of what has created this amazing project also known as a "second family".

In the beginning...
After meeting Neil through a "throw-together" death-metal band, known as "Ada Flinn", Aaron and Neil had become good friends. After hearing Neil talk about wanting to start an actual band, the two decided to break it off with the washed-up band and form together a new band that would redefine the sound of a Peoria Local Band. With great connections, Neil had contacted long-time friend and amazing vocalist Shane Jones and asked to perform Lead Vocals for the un-named project. Without hesitation Shane had proudly accepted the offer.

So, at this point and time in the band's journey through establishment,
they had completed one entire song and the line up was as follows:

Shane Jones: Vocals & Guitar
Neil Ice: Lead Guitar
Aaron Toland: Bass
No One: Drums

In the mean time, Aaron's long-time friend/bandmate, Cole was still searching for a band in need of a guitarist, Aaron had told him about the group he was jamming with and Cole wanted in on it. Aaron made a couple calls to Shane and the others to see if there were any way Cole could join or tryout. Shane admitted that he would like to get a second guitarist so that way he can focus on his singing more than anything. So it was settled, Cole was to come over for the following practice and "tryout" (and as you can tell that practice went perfectly). It was now our time to find a decent drummer that was very dedicated to the project and music. Although, after numerous auditions for the open slot they were unable to come across what they thought deserved to be in the band. Luckily enough, Aaron was writing the drum parts to the songs that were in progress at the time. Aaron stepped up and offered to drop the bass and pick-up the drums if it were at all possible to find a replacement bassist. Sure as sh*t, Neil called up his older friend Josh, that had played bass for him in his old cover band. At first, Josh was a little 'iffy' on the fact that they were playing heavier stuff then what he was into. However, as lucky as the band was he picked up fairly quickly, and brought his own jazz sound to the band.

Now, just to keep you updated, the band was now known
as "An Autumn Tragedy" and the line-up was as follows:

Shane Jones: Lead Vocals
Neil Ice: Guitar
Cole Johnson: Guitar
Josh Williams: Bass
Aaron Toland: Drums

However, Shane was wanting to add more to the dynamic structure of the vocals and lyrics of their songs. He wanted a screamer. Out of all members in the band, Aaron offered immediately that his good friend Chuck be auditioned for the part. Aaron said right off the bat that Chuck was the best screamer their age that could fill the slot. Without any hesitation, Chuck was called and ordered by Aaron to come to a band practice and show every body what he was made of. Just as Cole did, the following practice after being contacted, Chuck was there and he made everyone in the band just as happy as he was to finally finding a band that wanted and needed his skills.

Now after having a completed band, everybody decided that the name, "An Autumn Tragedy", was not good enough and that it sounded to much like any other teenage band from Peoria, IL. They wanted something with a little more 'pop' and 'zing' to it. After writing out a nice list of maybe 20 band names, they picked the best 8 out of them. They posted the band names as a poll on their MySpace and had anonymous people/fans/whatever vote for what they thought was the best. After having the poll up for 2 weeks the band had finally agreed on changing the name to, "Remedy To An End".

Now, to finally summarize everything up to the final line-up. Shane Jones on the powerful *Melodic Vocals* accompanied by Chuck Edwards and his skillful *Screams*. Neil Ice or Cole Johnson either tearing it up on *Lead Guitar* or tickling the under belly of their songs with a *Harmonized Rhythm Guitar*. And Josh Williams laying down his low end jazzy *Bass* along side Aaron Tolands straight heading banging beats of the *Drums*. Together they form a new sound combining Metal, Thrash, Jazz, Choir and Punk to form "REMEDY TO AN END".

The band has successfully gotten publicity by playing and hosting shows known as Chuxstock and Chuxtoberfest. Also, playing at other local hot spots such as Peoria Pizza Works and Johnny's Coffee House, and of course a couple house parties here and there. After a good handful of months of practice and writing the band has completed numerous s