Remembering Venice

Remembering Venice


Remembering Venice is an Alternative Rock band which is commonly compared to artist, Foo Fighters, Paramore, Switchfoot. RV is constantly performing in hopes of expanding their fan base. RV has opened for artist; Jeremey Camp, Skillet, Family Force 5, Disciple, Grits, Krystal Meyers, and more.


Remembering Venice is an alternative/rock/grunge band. Pulling from our influences, Foo Fighters for the grunge sound, Paramore for the alternative sound, Switchfoot for their pop/rock feel, and many more influences. Each member of the band brings their own style to the stage in writing the music. RV loves to cater to the audience of those who love the new indie sound and those who love the leads from the classic bands. RV sets itself apart because as much as we capture the sound of today we very much hold onto to the sound of the grunge era. Remembering Venice has a purpose to use music to open up doors for opportunities with people. RV is driven by relationships and connections not by how well the show goes, even though they do put on an amazing show. Remembering Venice came from the bands writing style of Remembering the Past.


You Are

Written By: Mel Burns

You are the air I breathe
I lose my breath at the grace you give
For You are, more than enough for me
You are the light I see
I'm blinded when I look at Your glory
For you are, what I need and more

You are the breath when I cannot breathe
You are the strength that carries me
You are the light in the darkest place
You are all to me
You are my sight when I cannot see
You are the ears of my heart when I cannot hear you calling to me

Beautiful Father
Your love smiles down on me
Beautiful Savior
Your grace is sufficient it's more than enough for me
Beautiful Friend
Your faithfulness the faith you have in me
Beautiful Lord
How your love continues to shower me


Remembering Venice
Vanity Acoustic EP (2004)
Where Angels Fear to Tread EP (2006)
The Beauty of Broken Things (Fall 2008)

Set List

30 min Set
Walk Away (4:00)
Let Go(3:45)
Your Hope(4:30)
Where Angels Fear to Tread(4:30)
Make it on my own(3:30)
Forgetful Me(3:15)
From Here(4:45)

If Remembering Venice does covers we generally choose covers that fit our style as well as very popular to ANYONE who heres it.