Remember The City

Remember The City


We are 5 best friends set out on a journey to explore new places meet new people and live life to the fullest doing what we do best, playing music...


Passion and tenacity have become overlooked in genre where style has become more significant than substance. To the contrary, Remember The City has wholeheartly embraced these facets. Born in to the flourishing Baltimore hardcore scene in 2006, Remember The City has quickly established themselves as a powerhouse act. They have tirelessly continued their collective efforts to create a sound that is wholely unique and unmistakeably orginal. Combining powerful rythmns and soaring melodies, Remember The City is bridging the gap between hardcore and indie rock. From the beginning, the band realized they had something special on their hands, and quickly headed in to the studio to record. The end result was a demo, THE BEGINNING, that quickly caught fire. The three song demo showcased the bands diverse musical inspirations and quickly sold out within months of being completed.

While many bands view diverse musical tastes as a flaw, Remember The City has embraced it. Their different tastes allow the band to keep evolving and create something new every time they write. And each song is written with such passion and intensity and that is translated to the audience in their live show. With a steady line of shows, Remember The City is constantly making new fans . With their debut cd release, REQUIEM, on the horizon, and an upcoming summer tour, Remember The City, is poised to have a breakout year in 2008.



Written By: Remember The City

Well, I have seen a nightmare become you. Preacher, why have we got this nothing? I've got to do this right. Seek revenge for this wasted life. Nothing can stop me now. Nothing. You will die. There will be blood shed. I'll take this whole town with me. And the devil may cry for you, as you weep in your own blood

Treading Hope

Written By: Remember The City

Can you feel the weight, Push you down to the ground because I can, Redemption..God damn, Well I have set these streets, Late to night..In search of a monster, Can you feel the wieght in my hell, We taught you well..It might take a while.. Raise your head with hope..God..God Damn, It might take a while


The Beginning(3 song demo released in December 2006)
track listing: 1. Dear World
2. Preacher
3. Treading Hope

Requiem(forthcoming release May 2008)
track listing: 1. Cherishire
2. Treading Hope
3. Preacher
4. Interlude
5. This War
6. The Son
7. Dear World
8. Answers

Set List

1. Cherishire
2. Treading Hope
3. Preacher
4. This War
5. The Son
6. Dear World
7. Answers