Remember When

Remember When

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Known for their clever lyrics, fast-paced sound, and energetic beats Remember When continues to produce quality music for their growing fan base.


Remember When is five-piece Power Pop band originally formed out of Cincinnati, Ohio in 2008. The band consists of Trent Van Winkle on vocals, Timmy Butch on Bass, Josh Virelli and Dan Peck on guitar, and Jake Bonta on drums. They have performed at the 2010 Cincinnati Warped Tour after being voted one of the top four bands out of 320 from Cincinnati. They have released 2 E.P.’s: Freaking Out Is Soo Overrated (2009) and Save Your Wishes (2010). The band just hooked up with super producer Geoff Rockwell (Forever The Sickest Kids, Artist vs. Poet, School Boy Humor and many more) for their third E.P, which is scheduled to be released in late 2011 or early 2012. They can be found on iTunes, and their business-savvy use of Facebook and social media sites is proving to only add to their increasing popularity.

Management: Runaway Artist Management


EP "Freaking Out Is Soo Overrated" (2009)
EP "Save Your Wishes" (2010)