Remindher build their music around striking hooks and smooth harmonies wrapped around solid written songs and mind gripping lyrics taht everybody can relate to.They push to make their sound as wholesome as possible while attracted people of all tastes and ages,to wrap it Remindher are very versatile


We formed back in June of 2009,6 complete strangers,Everything clcked staright away and the writing process began immediately.we have over 100 gigs under our belt and teh feedback has been amazing to say the least.our influences range from Joni Mitchell to Crosby Stills and Nash,Eric Clapton to Marvin Gaye.we pride ourselves on making good music that can still everybody can relare to and w ebelieve we have achieved this.


We are saving to get into the study as its tands so gigging as much a spossible,we don'tw ant to record something half heartedly.we have a song called Riverboat on Youtube and whcih we have gotten great feedbaclkf rom.

Set List

Our typical setlist consits of all original songs,1.Swim too soon,2,Out of shape,3.When the world stops,4.Chasing tales,5.The cold floor and the slide show,6.Stick around,7.Hideaway,7.Bitter Energy,8.What you've lost,9.Chinese Burn,10.River boat,11.Touch of a Woman,12.Solo ours ets usually last 1 hour and 20 minutes