Remind Me I'm Alive

Remind Me I'm Alive

 Austin, Texas, USA

Our music has heavy guitar verses and breakdowns and the screams to go with it, but the pure and wholesome voice of a female vocalist.


After quitting The Sparrow in 2008, Jordan and Forrest started the band Remind Me I'm Alive. They wanted a sound that would appeal to more audiences. The idea of having a hardcore sound with some pop to it sounded ideal. They started writing music and finding other musicians. It was a long process. The band went through many memebers and was on the verge of breaking up completely. Finally, in 2009 Jasmine joined. Her ability to sing, her vocal range, and singing style was exactly what the band needed. Still without a solid bassist and drummer, the band continued to stay positive and perfect their sound. Sherman then joined playing bass adding much talent to the band. Luke then joined and showed the other members that he was here to stay. Luke is a hard hitting drummer that adding the powerful beat to go along with the screams and heavy guitar sound. It wasn't too long afterwards that Taylor joined as the band's lead screamer. He became a sole part of the group in less than a day, throwing out ideas and pushing the band to new heights. This has had a long, hard, frustrating road to get to the point it is at now. Even when the odds were completely against them, they pulled through to become the band they are today.

Set List

Honey, Can You Pass the Jam?
Asta laVista
Light In the Storm